"To Unlock Your Drive"

In a guide on dvdrhelp it says (in relation to decrypting):

When you are ready to rip:

1.Clean your DVD with glass cleaner or a damp cloth.
2.Play your DVD on your PC for 30 seconds with PowerDVD or WinDVD to unlock your drive.
3.If you encounter an error while ripping with DVDDecrypter go to Tools->Settings->Device tab and enable Fast Error Skip,then go to I/O tab and enable Ignore Read Errors.
4.If DVDDecrypter doesn’t work then try SmartRipper or vice-versa.
5.If your drive reads slow(<4x) push and hold the Eject button for 3 seconds(works on some drives) or go to Device Manager->Hard Disk Controllers,remove all and reboot,this will reset your drives to DMA instead of PIO(WinXP bug).Another option is to use a “hacked” or “patched” firmware from a third party but install at your own risk.

wtf is he talking about “play it for 30 seconds to unlock your drive” ?

do u have a link to the guide?

You don’t really need to play it for 30 seconds exactly, just long enough to unlock the disc. Software players have the keys to unlock CSS protected content because they paid for this right. Once you’ve played the disc, it remains unlocked so that you can rip it.

i’d imagine that this unlocking method shouldn’t be necessary when using dvd decrypter.

Yeah, some programs can brute-force the key. Anyone remember DeCSS? That’s really what made backing up DVD’s possible. We owe a lot to the author.

yep, i remember the infamous DeCSS and the mass hysteria it caused. now programs that defeat CSS are distributed freely, which would’ve been mind-numblingly weird to conceive of back in the days of DeCSS. :bigsmile: