To Try or Not



As a rank bottom level newbie, I was about to start using CCD 4 seriously using Vietcong as my first project (already made a coaster or two). I have read the FAQ, Down and Dirty, and the UT2003 how to.
All great stuff ( I am serious, this is a great site) but before I make my first BWA file I am already doubting my hardware and whether I am wasting my time.

My burner is LG 8160B and I have gleaned from Futureproof’s comments this is a pretty old and mediocre reader/cutter
despite 2 sheep in the CloneCD list.

Upgrade or can it do it?

My sys: AMD 1800, mobo ASUS A7N266, 512DDR, ASUS Ti4200
OS WINXP SP1…Easy CD Creator 5.1


If you were reading about backing up UT2003 as a sample for your guidance towards backing up Vietcong, then I assume the protection scheme you are battling here is Securom. In such a case a you need a good reader to read sub chanell and a good writer to write them. Yes you need a BWA file and procedd with all that you read on that.

But, you mention also having a 2 sheep writer. Sheep are only important when dealing with a protection scheme called Safedisc. These are based on weak sectors that the burner can’t always properly write.

I would use clonyxxl and find out which protection is used, because in a scheme like safedisc, there is no need for a BWA file at all. It also affects which profile to use, and read/write speed.




OK, did my BWA file and .ccd and used twin peaks but when I went to burn found that the patched image file was way too big.
When I want back to the original IMAGE.CCD file I found it was 805MB and the SUB was 30+ MB giving a patched file of 837MB.

The Vietcong disk shows 687MB under Properties in Explorer. I read the file using my LG8160B and the CCD default Game CD Profile.

Clony reports the image needs 818MB but 807 is available.

Where have I gone wrong?


You have done nothing wrong. The hard disk image will always be bigger than the disk’s contents.


Yep, it’s also in the CloneCD FAQ:

[i]Q Using CloneCD 4 or 3, when trying to copy a game, The Sims Hot Date for example, after reading CD, Clone CD reports File size as 774499kB (CD is a full 640Mb), and so cannot fit this on 700mB CD.

A alexnoe: A data disc contains 2048 bytes per sector, but a raw image contains 2352 bytes per sector, plus 96 bytes subchannel data, so your image is always 19.5% larger than the “normal” capacity. Just burn the image onto a, in this case, 74 minute CD-R.[/i]