To those who O/Ced 32x to 48x

Guys can you pls post what brand of media and what software did you use to attain a successful burn of 48x with no errors.

Also what firmware version did you use? Please include how many times did you use the same media with constant successful burn of 48x.

Thanks so much. Planning on Overclocking my 32x again :stuck_out_tongue:

These discs works most of the time for me with VS02 firmware:

TDK 24X (made by Taiyo Yuden).
PC-Line 24X (Made by CMC magnetics)
Noname (ritek type 7 “J” DYE)
Kodak gold 8X

These works but with some C2 errors:

Acer/BenQ media
A lot of other CMC-Magnetics type discs
Moser baer india
TDK (those that is still made by TDK).

Update: This is a Memorex 401248MAXX (LTR-40125S) OC’ed to LTR-48125W VS06

Ritek 32x certified media burns with zero errors @48x with Smart Burn on.



I am using TY here in Sweden sold as HP marked 24X
burn @40X with smartburn on and 48X with smartburn off
so far no errors found at any speed ( only used 30 yet )
they seem good enough.