To those who like CD Freaks: Thank you!

I just posted the article To those who like CD Freaks: Thank you !.

Some visitors may still know the time we were on lycos with only a few hundred visitors about 5 years ago, today we are a lot more professional organized and have thousands of daily visitors, but…

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You guys…you give me too much credit :wink: If I did not like it here I would not have put in this much time and effort, so in fact it is you that should be thanked for keeping this site up and running! Best wishes to all of you!

I’ve been visiting CD Freaks for about 4 years now, and I have always found it to be very informing, and it has some very knowledgable people aboard. Thanx to all who have made this site possible! My CD collection is flourishing forever thanx to you!!

I doubt anyone will recognize me as I’m hardly involved in cdfreaks business nowadays, but i just wanted to say I think it’s great to see what kind of a community you’ve built up over tha past few years. Keep it up :*

Thanks for all the info this year; I’ve been visiting about three years and you guys have the most helpful mods/admins of any site I’ve visited:) The community is great and very responsive when you need help. Thanks again and have a great New Year!

Nice One Geezerz ! :4

What would life be without CDFreaks!!

I want to congratulate everyone who puts effort on this site. Also good job visitors of this site, without the large amount of people, this wouldn’t have been possible. SO IF YOU LIKE CD-FREAKS, GIVE THE BANNERS A COUPLE CLICKS! :slight_smile:

CLICK :stuck_out_tongue: Love the New Years celebration GFX!

thank you CD FREAKS,and happy new year. :7

I Have been a member of this site and the forum for sometime now. I have alway visited this site it has all the best info, and upto news as well. Long live CDFREAKS, as stop and think for a moment, look @ all the hard work and dedication these guys have put in, they deserve a round of applause for their continuing efforts in giving us peeps what we want. What other sites can compare? CDFREAKS you are the best site on the net, and I will always visit here, as you will have noticed in your logs :4 happy new year too you all GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK

Fantastic website, I’m looking forward to more great things in 2002 (perhaps another t-shirt?!) Cheers from Canada.

Thank you thank you all!! :slight_smile: I know I am da bomb! Oh yeah, wait a min, I’m a lazy git, never mind :slight_smile: Yo - to all the guys who put a LOT of hard work into this site: THANKS GUYS!! :slight_smile:

Well done lads! :slight_smile:

a great site…full of clear and up 2 date info…well done every1 have a great 2002…may the net b with you :slight_smile:

Thanks for this site - I’ve always liked it. Happy new year!

Tnx for the credits proud to be on board of the cdfreaks :4 Never ever tought i would be from a daily visitor to a news updater(whas suprised when domi emailed me) I wish the whole cdfreaks team and the visitors of cd freaks a happy new year!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! keep up the good work :wink:

Happy New Year 2002 to CD Feaks Admins and Members from NY Times Square! I will definately be freezing my asshole off that nite! All The Best… :4

/me still is a daily visitor! so: great work for all of u!