To the experts , Lite-on 5045 GDL+

Hey every body . I m back for another question. It is possiple to connect a usb 2 with the lite on , so then you can transfer pic or mp3 etc,from a pen drive? I don t now. May be from the DV link or some how from the hard disk, i read last time that some 1 changed the hard disk for a biger 1 to record all the world cup games may be some how can attach a usb 2 port ? If it can be done even from the pc you transfer data to it and vice versa. I hope some can do it.
An other thing I record a TV series (main movie only, no menus) with those standard black “letterbox” bars at the top and bottom of the picture. In the black area at the top, there’s a TV station logo throughout the movie,
and in the bottom black area there’re hardcoded subtitles. I would
like to remove both,without convert the dvd in mpeg or else I would
like to work it in vob file ,it is possipple ? but how?

I’ve been thinking about two different solutions:

  1. crop the video, to leave out the black areas, or
  2. apply empty, solid black bars on top of the existing black bars
    with the logo and subs.

However, I don’t know how to actually do this editing of the DVD video.
Notice that I would like to leave the video for the movie itself
untouched, and I would like to end up with a fully working DVD.
Can anyone help me ? I m new to this.Thanks in advanced for all your