To the cdfreaks all mighty

I would like to upload a avatar that is 64x64 but it is greater than 35k would it be possible to squeeze 300k for an upload limt out of you?

Please Please.

I don’t think that is going to happen. 300k is massive. On a 56k modem you are looking at what 3 mins to download someones avatar. That times by the number of people on the forum equals more time downloading peoples pics than looking at the site. Also think of the CDfreaks server space.

Can’t you upload it to somewhere else then link it?

If it was only 1 avatar of that size we could easily handle it. But the problem is, if we enable it for one user, it is enabled for all users.

As Womble pointed out, this could cause a serious download time if all users have 300k avatars. Can you imagine that on a standard page of 25 replies, all had 300K avatars…and then for a modem user on 56kbps…

So, in conclusion, sorry, this is not going to happen.

ok no problem didn’t look at it from your guys perspective
I just had greed on my mind lol.