To test for dvd quality, should i burn the same image or can i use different ones?

to test for dvd quality, should i burn the same image or can i use different ones?


You can use different ones.

You probably didn’t get a response as I wasn’t sure what you were asking at first, along with others I’m guessing.

Scans and the data on the disc from are unrelated, unless maybe if you were burning some highly, highly fragmented data and you ran into some buffer underruns in the process.

thanks guys!

is this bad 12x ty02 w.9 l&d


That’s a good burn - NEC drives are usually unreliable at reporting PI errors, but the PIF levels are good.

That PIE mountain at just over the 1GB mark is way out of spec! PIE should be under 280, ideally way under! Some standalones and DVD-ROM/RW’s may have problems reading the disc.

It’s also a good Idea to do a transfer rate test along side a Q scan as the scan alone won’t tell you if the disc is readable or not.

Burn a few more of these discs and see if the same PIE pattern shows up. If so, drop your burn speed to 8X.

Just to check, what brand are these TY discs? Do they have a serial number on the recording side near the centre hub?

All genuine T02’s will have a serial in the format TGXXXXXX.

[B]EDIT:[/B] Sorry, I didn’t notice the scanning drive was a NEC :o

Ignore the PIE graph, the burn looks good.

Do a transfer rate test. Thats what I have always used to second guess scans. If it is nice and smooth you are probably good. If it has reading problems around the same area of that spike, I would say it might be an issue. If that spike was with a liteon or benq scaning I Would be worried, but as others have said, nec’s have a few issues with scanning reliability.

the code on MID reports YUDEN000 T02 (000), these were from Fujifilms made in japans.
here is the transfer rate for the 12X
im sorry i forgot to mention it was a nec 3540a drive.
what is the maxium PIF i can have?

i also did an 8X but i cant post it here because i posted in at another thread. here it is.
(the last one is mine)
here is a transfer rate for that

Those transfer rates are nice and clean. That means that the drive could read the disk at maximum speed through the entire disk without having to slow down due to reading problems. That sugests that the big spike was falslly reported by your nec drive. As far as the maximum pif, it depends on how your drive is set. If I am not mistaken you can change the ecc value on nec drives (cannot remember the default). After doing a quality scan, a text window should pop up. Look for an ecc value. It should be around 1 or around 8 (maybe around 16 but I doubt that would be default). If it is around 1, max pif is 4, if it is around 8, max pif is 32. You will notice that on your scan posted here, that one line goes above 4 (to 5). even if that is at ecc 1, single spikes like that (with any drive), can often be ignored. The clean transfer rate test confirms that it can probably be ignored.

i checked and its 8ECC. wow guys thank you so much, i really learned a lot! Just in case, how can we change the ecc.

Hi :slight_smile:
Just run regedit.(start menu > run & type regedit.)
"Originally Posted by ErikDeppe
I haven’t been able to test this myself but it seems that NEC fixed a bug with the scanning interval.
To change the scanning interval with Nero CD-DVD Speed the following registry value can be added:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality]
“Scanning Interval”=dword:0000008

To compare with other drives following intervals can be used:
8 ECC (to compare with BenQ/Philips/QSI/Pioneer)
1 ECC (to compare with LiteOn/BTC/Plextor)
32 ECC (to compare with AOpen)

The colored backgrounds and quality score are changed accordingly."

thank you! these are some of the last questions i have. will the result change if we scan them again or a couple of days later? will i get the same result if i keep burning it at the same speed or will i have to scan them after every burn to test for quality?

Unfortunatlly you are wrong, completlly wrong. These are not the last questions you will have. these are the first questions you will have. Seeing as you have been a member for a while, you should know, this is the best comunity for discussion of optical disks, and there will always be someone here to try and help. I know I do and I have no problem sending people to other sites for info, as I know that they will always come back here!!! You should ask more questions, cause this is the place to get them answered (or a link to an answer).

I’ll try to answer your questions and I’m sure others will add info.
If your drive is reliable for scaning, your results should be similar. If you scan a disk 3 times in the same day, you should get similar results (these are not 2000$ machines for testing, they are 40-60$ drives, but for the price, they do an amazing job testing). do not expect identical results. Expect similar results (and if you do not get similar results in the same day, you might not have a good scanning drive).
If your pif results are similar, but you get eratic pi spikes that do not match with transfer tests, then trust the pif.
Play with your drive and see what it can do as far as scanning. So far as I know, some nec drives do well with scanning and others do not. If you get consistant results scanning the same disk then the drive is scaning well, if not, unfortunatlly you might have a drive that doesn’t scan well (if it’s consistant with pif but not pi then you have that). I currently use an old liteon 8x drive (previous drives were not reliable scanners, the model I have, ame thing, some scanned well, others didn’t). Run several scans and see.

As far as will you get the same scans from the same media at the same speed? Not only does it depend on the scanning quality of the drive, it depends on the media. In most cases, good qualiy media that burns good will continue to burn good. Variations in the scan may mean variations in the burn. If you have a fast system in good condition (software wise), you could get very consistant scans. If your system is limited, it might cause some disks to burn worse.
Rather than trying to figure that all out. Just scan a lot. See how things compare and ask more questions if nessasary (there are plenty of people like me that would me more than happy to help). I know that scanning takes a lot of time and effort, but you only have to do it at first. Once you have scanned a few disks in a pack (If a pack is suspect, or for you, unknown, I usally pick a blank disk from the top of the spindle, one form the middle, and one from the bottom, and if all scan similar, I generally asume that the rest of the spindle will perform similar). So you have a spindle of disks that is another brand but the same media code that worked before? do the same 3 disk test. Want to try a mew media code? Maybe scan a little more, but the 3 disk test still works. There are medias codes that I have used so much of with a particular drive and firmware, that I have not scanned a disk in a year or more, because I know it will burn good. And it always does.
If you find your drive to be a reliable scanner, use it as a measuring stick, scan a lot while you are trying diffrent media codes and difrent brands with the same media codes (at least 3 disks per spindle). I promise you, in no time, it will become clear what medias are good for your drive, ans you will have to do little if any scanning. Take the time at first and it will serve you in the long run.

[B]thankkkks ripit[/B]!!! i do agree, this is the best forum! and im pretty sure i will ask more questions later on ;p. i am going to try what you suggested. i guess we do learn new things everyday ;D

recently i just burn a disc and tested about 4 times for quality scans already and the thing is, everytime i tested it, it would get one PIF higher than before. so the first time is 3 then 4 then 5 then 6. i’m pretty sure if i do it again ill get 7 lol. do you think there a problem with the scanner? 1ECC

Discs/drives will vary in their scans as they warm up, and tests will always vary slightly. Nearly every time, if I start a PI/PIF test and stop and restart it for some reason, any early high peaks will usually end up being about 1 higher. Add to that the fact that NEC drives are known to be a bit sketchy with PI/PIF tests, I’ve seen where back to back tests will end up being a fair bit different. Just run one test at the appropriate speed (5x) and move on from there.