To store Your CD Images, hey don't burn them back!

I pretty hate :a CD burning software. there is no affordable way to create a BITwise copy of a CD or DVD. After the CD or DVD is burned, which program can tell You it’s written EXACTLY as the source CD ? We have to wait for the developers to create a solution… Are there programs which verify Your CD image files with the burned ones ? I guess none.

So to back up Your valuable software, it takes me Up to a half hour, but it’s more suitable to do it this way, as to find out Your burned copy is useless.

a) You create an CD image with …hum
Alcohol 120% (current last version 2004-05-06, development stalled ?)
CloneCD 5 (current last version 2004-12-10)
Blindwrite (current last version 2004-12-23)
b) You verify they work with Daemontols or another virtual CD drive proggy.
c) You split the CD Image in chuncks of 15MB with RAR and to create a
MD5 or SFV hash afterwards.
d) You burn it to CD with Nero and You verify Your MD5 or SFV hash.