To Spray or Not To Spray? -- and some technique advice for printable media

Well I’ve recently switched from Dymo labels to an Epson R300 + TY printable media. I was Very happy with the initial quality of the printed discs. However, being concerned about long term storage and moisture absorption + oxidization, I went and read up on the best acrylic seal sprays and bought some Krylon 7110 “low oder” gloss spray. I decided to try it on a test disc today… and the results were DISASTEROUS!! :sad: :a

I followed the directions, shaking the can for a good 2 minutes until it made that nice “swishing” sound. Put the disc on a piece of cardboard. I then held the can about 10 inches from the printed disc and sprayed across as carefully as possible, starting OFF to the left side of the disc and going in a zigzag pattern until the disc was coated. The smell was AWFUL and very overpowering, apparently this is really meant to be done outdoors – a huge problem for me living in a small urban apartment. The surface of the disc almost immediately had all sorts of “bits” on it little specs of dust or some sort of uneven crap. There were small areas where the spray seemed to go on evenly but for the most part the surface looked awful.

I decided to let it dry. After about an hour I went and checked on it, I found the surface had some “lumpy” areas where the spray had apparently pooled or dripped, and there were flecks of the acrylic on the BOTTOM (purple) side of the disc. I didnt even try to play it back or do a quality scan, I could see clearly that the disc was ruined. I touched and pressed at the lumpy surface for a bit and found that the acrylic layer “peeled” away very easily. I guess it needs much more time to dry. Oh well… tossed it in the trash.

SO— [B]what am I doing wrong here?[/B] Now I am inclined to just not spray at all however I am very worried about degrading. Any tips on a better spray to use or how to use this stuff would be immensely appreciated!!

P.S.- I don’t know of anywhere to buy the “Patricia Nomick” spray that some people have liked, I can’t find it anywhere if you know a place to buy it in New York USA then please let me know. :iagree:

You put way too much acrylic on the disc. One very light coat will do. A second after 15-30 min if you want. No more than 10 seconds per coat, and move across the disc side to side, then up and down very quickly. The shine should be barely visable or it’s too much. Once it dries, the shine comes out more.
Remember, you can always add more, but you can’t take it away.

rdgrimes is absolutely right! I think you went overboard. I’ve yet to “destroy” a single disc. I get my Patricia Nomick’s at Wal-Mart in the Arts & Crafts section…

ok I will try again, perhaps I had the can too close to the disc. So you guys recommend going straight across, then rotating the disc 90’ and going across again?

how do you keep dust and particles settling on the disc during drying? how do you prevent “underspray” – meaning the spray that gets on the underside of the disc?


Just make an effort to apply less than you think is needed and you should be satisfied.

I know this might be a lot to ask but would it be possible for someone with a digital camera (that takes video clips) to post a short video showing the proper technique of spray coating one of these discs? A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case a video would be worth 100,000 words I think. :bigsmile:

That would be awesome! :iagree:

I’m assuming this is handled like paint, so you’d want to spray about a foot away and just lightly coat the disc. Keep moving and don’t stop on any one spot. Holding it in one place and/or spraying too close will cause runs and uneven spots. Do you have any coasters you can practice on?

yeah well I did practice on a few coasters and just couldnt get the results I wanted. Either I am using the wrong stuff (Krylon 7110) or am just doing something completely wrong. Thats why I thought the video would be a great help.

Just remember this: you can always add more, but you can’t remove it. 2 very light coats usually does it. It’s just spray paint. Also be sure the disc is laying on clean card stock to prevent any spray from reaching the data side. 99% of problems are due to too much being applied. You want to make the surface just barely wet.