To Smack or not to Smack



Spare the rod and spoil the child.:frowning:

Here in South Africa there was a Goverment thing going around ,Cant Beat your Children (a slap on the bottom is not a beating) So long story short ,nobody can be arrested for giving child a Smart Slap when needed.

Just remember My MoM saying if you dont Behave “you are going to get a pants Down Hiding” just the thought set me straight :bigsmile:
My Dad brought up British remember him saying BEAT the LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of them .meaning Kids.My DAD only smacked me once .And I can still see the fishing Boot welts on my Leg.
that was 45 years ago .
Why is it wrong to give a slap when a slap is called For

TODDLER TAMING by Dr Christopher Green:bow:
he has wrote many Books (born in belfast Living in oz)

The last Time I slaped my Child was 2 years Ago grossing the Buzy road where I stay (* when I say STOP you STOP*)
my point there is a time and place fore every thing.
Because they Broke my best Coffee what
Because they Broke my dongle thing that controls remote mouse and what …ETC accidents
JUST say sorry( dont try to hide the evidents)

Please I want to hear about Giving Children a slap. Not child Abuse .


Used sparingly as the ultimate deterrent for very bad behavior it can do wonders. Done in the heat of the moment especially in anger, particularly if done too often, gives the wrong message.

I can count one one hand the number of times I used this punishment on my sons.The first time they did something wrong I would sit them down and make sure that they knew what they had done wrong. The second time it was a formal interview where they had to explain why they had done it knowing it was wrong. They were also warned that the next time they did it they would be punished.
When on the few occasions they did it the third time then they stood before me and explained themselves. Then I put them across my knee and gave them a spanking usually 2-3 slaps on each buttock.
I never had to talk to them again about their misbehavior.
This worked for me and my sons but what worked for me may not work for you.

They have talked about outlawing chastising children in our parliament but common sense prevails and no laws have been passed yet. You are allowed to smack your child providing the punishment is not excessive, bruising or worse will get you before a court who will decide if it was excessive.