To slipstream WIN XP SP2 v.2180



I have a bootable Windows XP disk with SP2 v.2096 integrated in it. In fact, I did a clean OS install from that disk not too long ago. I just downloaded SP2 v.2180 (RTM?)- ya the real one. I tried to run SP2 setup but was informed that the SP could not be installed over the current version of the OS. So, I have two questions:

  1. Is there a way to upgrade my system from 2096 to 2180; or, does this mean a clean install?

  2. Can I slipstream SP V.2180 into my Windows XP SP2 v.2096; or, do I need the original XP CD?

Ok, I guess that’s really four questions :stuck_out_tongue: but any help (or related advice) would be appreciated.


Personnel preference would be to make a new slipstrem disc with the final version of SP2 on it and then re-install. Simplier easier and better all round.

If it’s coming up with “SP could not be installed over the current version of the OS” then I guess you can’t update it.


You can uninstall SP2 by going to Add/Remove programs and select SP2.
You can also slipstream your Beta slipstreamed CD with the RTM files.



I successfully slipstreamed my WinXP SP2 v2096 CD with SP2 v2180 and produced a bootable CD :slight_smile:

Thnx for your help, guys.


when you make a slipstream … my original XP disc i got didnt have the SP1 on it … i always had to redownload/install the SP1 when i reformmated … woudl you go about the same way as puttin the SP2 as the SP1


just use nLite. It’s the easy way to do it plus it is customizable.