To Shrink or not to shrink ... That is the Question

I was told by a friend about “shrink it” software. Does “shrink it” affect the surround sound capability of the DVD. Like If I have my system set up for 5.1 Dolby will that be affected in any way. Also how is it with the decrypting of the DVD movie. Does it do like 99.9% of the movies out there, or will I need a backup decryptor or just in case it dosen’t work on a certain movie. And what does “shrink it” actually get rid off on the DVD.

i’ll assume that by “shrink it” you mean “dvdshrink”. transcoders in general don’t mess with the audio tracks except for either keeping or dropping them, so the sound quality will always be the same for whatever audio tracks you choose to keep. dvdshrink isn’t capable of ripping all dvds, so for those you’ll have to turn to alternative solutions, such as dvd decrypter or anydvd. dvdshrink and other transcoders compress the video (at the expense of video quality) to make movie dvds fit onto a single-layer dvd.

a little off topic but…when i can’t fit the main movie on to one disc at a 90% or better compresion rate, i use dvdfab (free version) to split it into two disks…

I don’t have a DVD RW but I’ve been waiting for the Dual Layers to come out … So now there out … will I need Shring IT aka dvdshrink or should I just get dvd decrypter an0d anydvd then call it quits. Cause the Dual Layer will take In about 8.5 GB of data and I’ll most likely get the whole DVD (exculding DVD-9 and DVD18 cause that will automaticly take up anoter disk)

I think I’m running all my Idea together and its soounds kinda … so I’ll post
Also I don’t want to take the quality form the movie

unless you’re willing to pay the exorbitant price for blank DL media, you’ll need to transcode/compress (often times even if you’re only copying the main movie). DVDShrink is the most popular software (cuz it’s free) to do that. you can also split DVD-9 discs to 2 single layer DVDs WITHOUT any compression using the free version of DVDFab: