To See Or Not To See? Optiarc!

Hey Guys,

My computer was working fine up until I plugged in an enclosure. The enclosure froze my computer on start-up, and ever since it has never been working correctly. I dont use the enclosure anymore. I have a sata dvd rom and a IDE 400 GB hdd. I have the SATA dvd rom set in sata number 3 connector, and the post screen detects it at Channel 1 Master. I also have an IDE 400 GB Hdd set to master. Sometimes my DVD-ROM works fine, BUT SOMETIMES, it disappears on the Post screen, and My Computer. The Post Screen waits a long time…“DETECTING IDE DRIVES”… and stays there for a long time, then finally ignores it, and boots Windows. When it ignores it, My Computer does not detect my Dvd-rom. HELP!!

SUMMARY: the drive is disappearing on My Computer and is not detected under BIOS. HELP!

Lol, Thanks,