To run at 400Mhz or not, that is the question

Wow for once I’m not answering but asking! :slight_smile:

I’m in the market for a new mobo and I found Gigabyte GA-7VAX to fit my needs. Now this board is based around the VIA KT400 (I can already hear alex screaming ;)) and can run memory at 400Mhz. However, since I will buy a XP2000+ (or something <2600+) that’ll only run at 266Mhz, I will not gain anything over 333Mhz memory by running at 400Mhz will I?

I’m pending between getting Samsung PC2700 memory or PC3200 memory, the price difference between them is minimal, but if I won’t run at 400Mhz there’s no reason to buy that memory is it?

Anybody have any suggestions?

DDR400 (which is running at 200 MHz btw; these 400 M are edges per cycle, not hertz) is slower than DDR333.

Bad latency, bad timing, no specs.

Most mainboards will only run with one piece of memory if you use DDR400 => :Z

Oops I posted in the General Software… Fixed it myself :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s what I thought since DDR 400 (I know it’s 200 x2 :)) isn’t an official standard. I think I’ll go with PC2700 instead as this board seems more at ease with that.

Airhead>>>> Tell me when you get the board as I will be getting the same one for my XP 2000+. I’d like to know how it goes.

I am only at a planning stage yet, I have to find funds first :slight_smile:
I think I’ll order it sometime in the coming weeks but I can’t say when…

my processor is 400 MHz… can’t believe that a piece of ram runs faster :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

For the time being, DDR400 is indeed slow because of the latency. However, I expect that these problems will be solved in the near future, as more and more companies are starting with DDR 400. Today I read that also Kingston is going to produce them!

And if that’s not enough, DDR 500 (no official standard, indeed) is on its way…

If I would buy a computer now, I’d defenetively go for 333!

Actually Corsair has low latency 400MHz DDR. Also some new low latency DDR434.
Timings for the 400 are 2-3-3-6 T1 which is great. has both 256MB and 512MB sticks of this memory. But I wouldn’t know where to get it in Sweden…

Just hope your board works better than mine. Asus screwed up quite badly on the P4S8X, I’m running my DDR333 at 266 speeds. Should have gone Gigabyte. Hopefully Granite Bay/Springdale/SiS 655 will put me in dual channel DDR heaven.

That’s okay Airhead was just wanting to make sure of what the board was like. I should have it Next week