To resume or not to resume - that is the question

I’ve set the resume command in a DVD using a link instruction for the resume buttons in the Special Features and Language menus. That works perfectly with one annoying exception. If I happen to go directly to either of the relevant menus and use the resume button without first playing any program chain, I end up with a ‘no resume information saved’ error message. The logical resolution is to have if-else commands in some form. This would cover both possible situations. 1. IF a resume button is used AND a program chain has been played THEN resume that program OR

  1. if a resume button is used AND no program chain has been played THEN return to the root menu. I’ve tried various commands but I can’t find anything that works consistently.

I have uploaded a mini version of the item concerned. All navigation and menus are intact. I have removed most chapters to keep the file small. The link for the file is:

Your zip file is corrupt. Can’t extract them.

Your if-else logic is correct. It requires the use of an unused register and is a matter of placing them in the right place, most probably at the root menu.

I am afraid that the button command is working the way it suppose to. “Resume” command by definition, will go to the place last call was made from. So, if there is no last “Call” (no title play) than command will generate an error. You can give that button “Link Tail PGC” command and from there you can direct it as you desire, with IF, THAN, OR instructions, using your R(4) = 1 Title condition.
I had no problem with your download.

Hmm, I downloaded it 3 times already. Just can’t extract them with Winzip or 7-zip.

Try CDuncle’s suggestion as he can view your files.

Hi [B]toaddub[/B]
I have WinXP-SP3 and WinZip 12. No problem on first try.

I found that my upload was corrupt - at least for me (and Toaddub) - my apologies. I have rezipped and reuploaded the files and they are OK now. The link to the new zip is:

Here’s hoping that Toaddub will now be able to have a look and provide some wisdom.

Here’s what you do to get resume working.

  1. Create a menu PGC 5.
  2. Add the following pre-commands in menu PGC 5:
1. if (R[2] == 1) Resume
2. Jump VTS Title 1
  1. Insert pre-command R[2]=1 to set resume status at the movie PGC.
  2. Insert post-command R[2]=0 to reset resume status at the movie PGC.
  3. Change Resume film button command to “Link PGC 5”

That should do it.