To replace DVD Region and Css Free

I have been using Dvd Region and CSS Free for a few years now. Obviously it is becoming obsolete. It would load automatically when watching movies on my computer, and as I mix between Regions it would save the Player from changing its region. It would load as well with my copying programs.(Roxio and others)
But seeing the new Fab programs have this built in, my question is will it act as the same purpose the Region and Css did. Loading in the background in order to watch movies and not copying. Should I keep the Region and CSS on the computer for this purpose.
Also I have moved to Vista, and it doesnt seem to load as automatically as it used to under XP. I have to load it manually before running programs such as Cinplayer and Windows media Player.

Sorry if I made this confusing.

I Have found out what I need to know. Did a search of the forum. Should have done that first.
Thanks anyway