To ReneB & evdberg

just a small message

Thanx … what else can i say to both of you…

keep up the good work( no the great work).

Well thank you :smiley:

This is off topic, it belongs in another forumn


just kidding

Yes, thanks, and of course checking daily for the new version and engine.


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[B]This is off topic, it belongs in another forumn



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Thanx … what else can i say to both of you…

Agreed :slight_smile:

Me too was checking for the 1.2 update, saw this thread and I fully agree:

You’ve made life a lot easy-er, thanks guys.

Here Here! DTOX ROX! Let’s hear it for Rene and Erwin, Hip Hip . . .

before DVD2One it was almost impossible for me to back up my DVDs with all those apps and the loooong complicated steps, I almost regreted buying the expensive DVD burner. BUT… Thank you Rene and Erwin, with DVD2One I can buack my my DVDs in 3 small easy steps with maximum time of 3 hours.

Don’t you just love them :bow:

nice thread,normally they hear mostly complaints i guess

keep up the good work


Rene and team…

l have to agree with the above Posts aswell that since DVD2one has come out, its been the best software for backing up DVDs.
Takes me between 1 to 1.5 hours now to backup my movie. But before DVD2one came out it was taking me between 5 and 8 hours for a movie…
G8 software, l have never regretted it since.


Your program was ground breaking , now it seems like everybody is basing it on your technology doesn’t that bother you , to say the least ?

But anyhow I myself still think dvd2one delivers the best results.
Keep up the good work guys :slight_smile:

One thing that I like the most about DVD2One is after compressed the VOB’s files to fit 1 DVD-R, the closed caption of the movie still there (I like the closed caption much more than subtittle since it appears under the movie) instead of the other program, after encoding the closed caption will gone…with the wind

some words with my natural language …

Merci beaucoup pour votre travail de titans sur ce soft devenu incontournable pour moi.
Continuez comme ça !

M. Rockfeller disait qu’il devait sa fortune à trois choses, le travail, le travail et …le travail.

sorry for french but my english is too bad for translate this…
someone else ??

something like this?

Thank you very much for your titanic work on this software, Continue like that!
Mr. Rockfeller said that it owed his fortune with three things, work, work and… work

hopefully it will make you as rich as Rockefeller

Quel honneur d’être traduit par l’auteur “HIMSELF”

“Continue à travailler si dur et un jour, aussi riche que Rockfeller, tu deviendras”

C’est tout ce que je te souhaîte :smiley:

Approximative english version :

It was a honor to be traduct by author “Lui-Même”

“Keep working so hard and maybe, one day, you are so rich like Rockfeller”

It’s that i wish you :smiley: