To PVR or not to PVR?

Not sure where to post this, so will try it here. Also, I’ve tried looking through this forum and others and for the most part the answers I find are mostly pretty old so am looking for more current and up to date solutions.

I would like to try to record some HD TV shows from cable TV. I presently have a dvd recorder hooked up and am able to record shows directly onto DVD but that’s not working as well as I would like. If I record an SD show, it is OK but if I try to record from an HD channel, I end up with a video that takes up only about half the screen. My TV source is from a Comcast model DCX 3400 DVR.

At the moment I am leaning towards a hookup with either a Hauppage Colossus or a Hauppage 1512 PVR. I really like the idea of the Colossus since it is installed directly into my desktop and from what I understand about it, when recording something from the TV it is the Colossus that does most of the work instead of my computer’s cpu. I also understand that I would have to use component video cords attached to the back of the DCX 3400 with which ever system (the 1512 or the Colossus) I decide to use.

I have also read that it might be possible to use HDMI cables rather than the component cables but that I would probably have to use an HDMI cable splitter.

What I am trying to figure out is what would be the best way to set things up for the best results. Any help on which equipment and cable configuration to get the best results would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks, Rick

Either of those might work if all you want to do is capture the HD recordings on your box. I have a HD HomeRun Prime myself with a cable card and 3 tuners and that’s what I use to capture all my favorite shows and documentaries in full res HD with the sound. It uses WMC and has worked very well for me for over two years now. Hardest part was getting WMC working again and this PC to sleep properly but now I just let it do it’s thing and edit the captures to watch later every week or so onto a LARGE drive I mostly just use for my HDTV captures and a couple of externals. The Prime is networked and each tuner is basically stand alone and can be used by any PC that is setup properly on the network, and I can play any non copy protected capture on my media players in the living room.
Ceton makes similar units that work slight differently to do the same job and Hauppage makes a two tuner one too.
You might have better luck asking on the AVS sites forum as that sorta thing is what they do

+1 for the HDHR Prime. I have two serving 4 TVs.

Just wanted to give a thank you to Dartman for pointing me towards avsforum. I did some looking over there and think I have pretty well figured out how I am going to do things. I appreciate the help.


Your welcome, great group of A/V folks there that are just as helpful as here for what they do.