To print or not to print?

Hello folks,

Lately, i have been thinking if -ultimately- it’s wise to print my dvd’s. Is it -generally- safe for the discs? I have heard some printers scratch the discs during loading, is that true? What about the ink that dries on the surface of the media? Your opinion and previous experience will be greatly appreciated,

Thanks!! John :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well we wouldn’t be printing on them if it was bad idea. There is many media’s and printers to choose from have a read around this forum.

Yeah, sure. But, the reason i’m asking is cos i thought that users usually post their problems, not their “achievements”. Hence the sample is not representative.

What’s your location and what printer do you have in mind?

It’s too purty to not do it. :iagree:

Nothing is “safe” in the hands of an unsafe user. If you treat your discs well, there’s no difference between printed and unprinted. It’s true there have been reports of printers mis-handling discs, which you can read about in this forum. By and large it appears to be due to faulty printers, not due to design issues. The Canon printers all use the same mechanism for disc printing, and are designed to not touch the printable surface. Damage to the recorded side is pretty rare, and usually due to mis-handling by the user or a flawed disc tray. I’ve printed hundreds, not a single problem.

Thanks for your reply mate!! I’ve now got the answers i needed! The question is: which printer? I thought that it might be against the rules of this forum, but would you be able to point me at a direction as to which brands are good and which not?