TO pionner 109 owners Which media for the 109 as i am going to order the best



hi all i am not bothered about speed of dvd blanks all i want is the best possabile quality dvd blank for my pioneer 109xla drive so they are

MCC 03ORG20 verb

MCC 02RG20 verb
TYG02 Datasafe Pro

like i said not bothered about speed but would like to know which is the best possabile quality of dvd out of the three or is there another type that is better for the pioneer 109

i use ritek g5s alot but wnat a better lower error dvd

let me know thanks as i am going to order some soon


The best from this 3, i would choose the TY or the Verbatim 16x. But as recommendation, use Verbatim DVD+R 16x & TY DVD+R 8x. With those you will get great results. Just check my scans.


read this thread for issues on -R Verbatim or TY 16x media…


TY002 MIJ(fuji 8X+R) burns the best in my drive at 16X. The Verbat 16X+R(MC004) does 16X also.


See my sig for the link to Pioneer 109 scans.


sorry should of said wanted dvd-r dvds not + as my dvd player dont like + dvds only plays - dvds

was jisu woundering why you all picked + dvds are these better than the - DVD blanks

but like i said my player will inloy play -

thansk for the help


I mean rhe best you can do for the 109,is Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 16x TYG03


Get those! looks good to me! All of my old and new players do perfect with +R and -R premium media(the +R consistantly burns faster in all my stuff. I think some of it depends on the recording format you use. I always check to see if Nero is set to DVD ROM. Have you tried a +R premium media? Not that it matters since that scan above makes it a moot point! LOL


Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 16x TYG03
Kinda cool discs & scan. 8)


so the Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 16x TYG03 are better than the TYG02 Datasafe Pro thanks where can i get some in the uk


If you get the TYG03 be warned of the link I noted above. Many users experience weird problems with these discs during the finalizing portion of the write if the disc is near the full mark. Just be warned.


mm sounds to much hassle for the 16x if thats the case
so would you recomdend the 8x TYG02 Datasafe Pro after the 16x or ???


The problem seems to be with media burning in CAV mode. If you can get high quality media that burns in Z-CAV mode you should have no issues at all. I am using YUDENT002 +R media rated at 8x. They can be burned up to 12x on 1.50 firmware and I have zero issues with this media on my 109. I hope this issue gets fixed however as with the 110 coming out so soon I feel the 109 is going to be on the back burner.


well pionner should sort this out as its supposed to be a 16x writer and if there are problems thay should sort it not just replace it.

like i said my old dvd player will not play + dvds might go for the x8 TYG02 Datasafe Pro or other 8x TYG02

I am suprised the cdfrezks review did not pick this up as thya say the 16x media was perfect ???

how do you know what media uses CAV mode and Z-CAV

what abot verbs 16x - dvdr are thay good at burning all the way ??


The drive controls the write strategy not the media. At 16X it is not unexpected that different media will work better with some drives and not with others. I have also read many users here who say you should use 16X discs at 12X. In some cases, I have seen 8X media that burns better at 12X than some 16X at 12X.

It also takes a while for some manufacturers to catch up with firmware. The Pioneer 109 is still having problems with 8X media; give them some time to catch up.


i`m getting more confused now lol

i`m going to buy printable media from svp whats the best blanks to get for my drive
in - and + and what speed should i write to that media to get the best from it what would you use in both formats and the best blanks most compat and the least costers

once you tell me what media to get and what speed write at that media i will get that one i will try both + and - can you put them in order from the best to the worst but keeping the - and + list seprate so i can choise between them

MCC 03ORG20 verb but write these at 12x
MCC 02RG20 verb
TYG02 Datasafe Pro

you know so then i would get to know what to get and what to write them at

sorry about all of this its just i have used cheap media for a long time and want to start using exellent media but i dont want to waste my money i hope you can all understand

I use ritek g5 @8x as when i write them at 4 thay just dont work

I am suprised the 109 would have problems writing at 8x media as thay have been out for a long time now i would of thought thay would have problems at 16x speed not 8x speed strange


so far the only CAV discs I know of are 16x TYG03 and MCC03RG20. I am not sure if +R 16x are CAV are not however only 16x discs are CAV all others are Z-CAV be it - or + and any speed other than offical 16x rated discs.


not to bothereed about speed of dvds just wanted the best quality blanks


8x Fuji DVD+R (YUDEN000T02) discs arrived this morning.

Burned at 8x :


those are the same discs I use. Never had an issue and out of 200+ discs only 1 coaster. Work well for data and video and bitsetting to DVD-ROM with the Buffalo firmware works like a charm to help compatibility. I use actual TY brand and not Fuji however. Not sure if this makes a difference as I don’t have another drive to test scan results with.