To patch or not to patch, seek your advice!

Should I download the latest firware (1.0C) from the TEAC 's Japanese web site and upgrade my TEAC 40X burner, then I can get better comptaibility with various CDR media ?? Or should I wait till the firmware is available at the US TEAC web site and download from there instead.

Please advise.

If you can

a) Backup your original firmware inside the writer


b) Re-Flash that original firmware without any problems


Why not ?

Hi Mr. Belvedere

Thanks for your comments and I think I have to back up the current one 1st and start from there.

Have a gooda day !

Keep in mind that some firmware upgrades cannot be undone !

Get some info about it with the manufacturer first.

And what is the changelog ? (IE… what do they offer in the firmware upgrade).

If there is no changelog whatsoever i’d be very doubtful about it.