To Much Playing At Once!?



Hey people, I’m encountering a slight issue that is finaly bugging me about the playback of some audio. Usually In the past I could live with it, but when it comes to my favourite band It’s unforgivable :smiley:

I recently purchased an album for christmas (and was produced in 2002), which when played, and when there is many instruments playing at once, especially where Drums are concerned the Sound diminishes for a short time, as if to allow it to be played.
I’m thinking it’s the bass or something (I’m a noob), and when it gets loud with all this happening at once, it doesn’t play as well as I think it should.

Or, if it is produced in 2002, then the audio is designed for Surround Sound or something like that? Since my PC only has some Creative SB270 Speakers, and an old sound card: Creative Sound Blaster Pro 128.

I swear I have heard this alot in the past with some other songs, so someone must know the answer :smiley:

Thanks In Advance!

And Sorry about my poor description, I find it a difficult to find words sometimes >_<