To mod or swapmagic

im thinking of puting a dms3 in my ps2 instead of useing swap magic is this chip ok or shuld i stick with my swapmagig disc

The latest DMS version is probably the best chip available at the moment.

A good decision!

Check into the HDLoader…you can just put games strait to hard drive and play from there and games load faster ther the rom

It is a little more but worth it

check this link out

HD Loader is a good option, however it isn’t as of yet 100% compatible with all games, that and it might be hard to track down for some people. Anyways, I definitely recommend a modchip. If you can’t do it yourself then send it to a trusted installer and you won’t regret it. Swap Magic IMHO are only good as a last resort. The swap magic discs are always playing “catch-up” to the latest games. For most games they work great with a single swap but for some games you are doing multiple swaps, tracking down patches, ect. and this seems to be more and more of an issue on the newer releases. With a good modchip (ie DMS3/4, Messiah 2/Pro, Matrix) you will be able to just pop a PS2 original in your PC, read the disc to the HD and then write back to DVD-R (unless it is a DVD9 of course). Then pop the backup in your PS2 and it will boot right up. There is an extra step for PS1 games (backups) and movies but it is quite simple. For example with the DMS3 chip, all that you need to do for PS1 backups is: Put the backup in the console, hit the re-set button and then hold down the circle button on your controller until you see the PS1 logo come up. For movies it is the same process except you hold down the square button on the controller. Either way it is much easier than doing multiple swaps. In addition, with one of the chips listed above (barring the Messiah 2) you have the option to upgrade the Bios of the chip by simply downloading an upgraded Bios and burning it to CD-R. Pop the CD-R in and push a few buttons and your chip will be updated. This comes in quite handy in case there are new copy protections being placed on games.