To mod or not to mod?



What do you think about modding (chipping, flashing) your console?


My ps2 has a modchip and so has my old psx it is the thing to do in my opinion especally if you have young kids…


I agree. Both my PS2 and Xbox are bboth moded and im thinking about changing the PS2 to hd loader or advance because im to lazy

I like the way my xbox is. i get tired of one game i can just ingame reset and play another without having to get up:D


I’ve got a modded xbox and one unmodded xbox (for xbox live).

I’m planning to purchase a PSTwo and mod it with this chip whenever i got the time, money and interest.

In my humble opinion the best console to mod is the xbox (in comparison to the PsTwo or GameCube), because it opens so many opportunities. You can make a web/ftp/whatever server out of your console, program it, easily enhance it with fairly cheap pc components. There is a lot of homebrew software for the xbox such as media centers which can play almost any format of videos, pictures and music. There are a multitude of emulation softwares and even open source tools work great on it.


This is interesting it was posted by kalas in another forum we are involved in…
Anyone any info or anything on this…
For pics go to DMS4 site here

Welcome to the new DMS4 E.Z.I. Pages

DMS Technologies are proud to present our latest Modchip developments, the DMS4 E.Z.I. and DMS4 E.Z.I. Pro. The world´s first 100% completely solderless direct boot/auto detect modchips which are intelligent and can detect their own functionality. Connection to the DSP and BIOS are achieved through micro molded precision interconnects designed and manufactured in Japan, whilst we have designed an innovative pass through adapter for the eject signal. High quality molex connectors are used for reduced noise distortion and improved signal transmission. Over eighteen months were spent start to finish, and perhaps the E.Z.I´s best and most novel feature is the E.Z.I. panel which uses the FPGA´s intelligent logic design to verify the integrity of the necessary patching signals and report the status via a Green or Red LED. Of course the DMS4 E.Z.I. and DMS4 E.Z.I. Pro preserve all the features of their solder installation cousins, providing amazing performance all in a clip on plug and play solution, which is set to the turn the scene upside down!

The DMS4 E.Z.I. is the world’s first direct boot, auto detect modchip to offer 100% solderless installation. The research and development stages of this project took 18 months of exhausting work and many hundreds of thousands of dollars. High power microscopes and latest Japanese mold making equipment equipment were required to analyse and construct the precise dimensions, contours and physical tolerances required to connect with the DSP and BIOS integrated circuits. Other so called solderless mods, have relied on swap technology with a cheat device.

Many people had doubts we could pull it off, citing the complexity of micro molds and ingenuity required to complete such a task, as next to impossible. Well guys, it’s here, and we’re first :slight_smile:

We’re very proud to offer a product which we’re sure will revolutionise the PS2 modchip world. As you’ve come to expect, you can be sure of world class quality software and technical innovation, from the scene’s most innovative MOD maker.


My opinion is obious from the 2 threads below this one, but I also have my ps2 set up with a 120gig hd and hdadvance.


Definitely mod. I have an XBOX and a PS2, both of which are modded. With the PS2 it is very handy to be able to run backups when you have a bunch of nieces and nephews running around. If a game gets screwed up it costs me 50-60 cents and about 15-20 minutes to replace it, if it were the original it would cost me $40-$50 to replace most games. With the XBOX there is absolutely no question, about modding it. I liken the unmodded XBOX to a muscle car with a 4 cylinder engine. Yeah, it will be driveable but absolutely no fun and it won’t even come close to living up to it’s potential. XBMC (XBOX Media Center) is simply incredible. No other standalone unit can offer you what it can. I think the following list is enough to merit a modded console. And XBMC is just a small part of what can be done with a modded XBOX (ie upgraded HD, emulators, backups, ect.)

XBMC V1.1 supports:

Supported input media formats and devices:

  • Read files directly from a CD, VCD or DVD media in the Xbox’s DVD-ROM drive**
    (Support CD/DVD formats: ISO 9660 - Mode1/2/XA, UDF 1.02 and XDVDFS/CDX)
    (DVD-ROM playback is on-the-fly only** (no option yet to auto-cache to HDD first)
  • Play files directly from Xbox built-in hard drive (copy first from DVD** or network)****
  • Stream media files from a computer over a local network via XNS*, XBMSP or SMB,
    (including all NAS, Network Attached Storage devices that support SAMBA/SMB).
  • XBMC XBMSP-client code updated to support “Auto-Discovery of XBMSP servers”
  • Stream supported media files from the internet (if stream format is supported too)*
  • iTunes Music Shares via DAAP (network stream from Apple iTunes on Mac or PC)*****
  • Xbox Memory Cards (note that only FAT-X formated memory cards is supported)****
  • USB Mass Storage Devices (USB-HDD’s/memory) with FAT-X file-system****

Supported file/container formats:

  • Audio-CD (CDDA) playback for normal audio CD’s
  • VCD and SVCD (Video CD) (SVCD/VCD menu’s are not supported yet)
  • DVD-video directly from Xbox DVD-ROM (no DVD-menu’s support yet)*
  • MPEG, MPG, M2V formats (inc. VCD’s .dat and .bin and DVD’s .vob)
  • MPEG-4, MP4 (MPEG-4 video) (including DivX video containers)
  • RIFF AVI (AVI 1.0) container
  • OpenDML AVI (AVI 2.0) container*
  • BivX (AVI with several audio streams) container
  • Microsoft ASF/ASX/WMV/WMA containers *****
  • QuickTime QT/MOV containers (inc. those with raw audio) *****
  • Theora Video (VP3) format
  • Nullsoft Steaming Video (NSV) containers*
  • Nullsoft Steaming Audio (NSA) containers
  • MPA, MP2, MP3 and WAV containers
  • AAC, M4A, MP4 (MPEG-4 audio) unprotected containers *****
  • Raw .AC3 and .DTS audio files, plus DTS with WAV-header*
  • RealMedia (Real Video/Audio) RM/RAM/RA/RV/RMVB containers
  • OGG and OGM containers
  • Matroska (матрёшка) MKV containers
  • VIVO (VIV) containers
  • PVA containers
  • NuppelVideo containers
  • FLI and FLC containers
  • Tracker Mods (18 formats supported) audio
  • M3U, PLS and STRM* audio/video playlists

Supported video/audio codecs and picture formats:

  • MPEG-4 ASP: DivX;-) 3.11, OpenDivX 4.0, DivX 5.x (Pro), and XviD 1.0.x video
  • MPEG-4 AVC - Advanced Video Coding (H.264): Nero Digital AVC video codec
  • Windows Media Video v7, v8 and v9 (MSMpeg4/WMV v1, v2 & v3) (WMV9 via DLL’s)
  • RealVideo: 1.0, 2.0 (RealPlayer G2), 3.0 (RealPlayer 8) and 4.0 (RealPlayer 9)
  • RealAudio codecs: 1.0 (14.4), 2.0 (28.8), SIPRO, COOK, DNET and ATRAC3
  • QuickTime 5.0, 6.0, 6.3 video and audio codecs (QDMC / QDM2) (via QT DLL’s)*
  • 3ivx D4 / 3vi1 MPEG-4 video (inc. MSZH/ZLIB Compressed-Header containers)*
  • Sorenson v1/v3 (SVQ1/SVQ3) QuickTime video
  • Theora Video (VP3) video
  • On2 Technologies VP4 (VP4.0), VP5 (VP5.0), and VP6 (VP6.2) (all via On2 DLL’s)*
  • On2 Technologies VP3 (VP3.0 and VP3.2) video
  • Intel Indeo 3.1/3.2 (Indeo3)
  • NuppelVideo (NUV)
  • VIVO 1.0 and 2.0 (VIV)
  • ITU H.261 video
  • Creative Labs YUV (CYUV) video
  • Supermac Cinepak (CVID) video
  • Autodesk FLI and FLC Animation
  • WAV and PCM audio format
  • MPEG-audio layer 1, 2, and 3 (MP1, MP2 and MP3)
  • OGG (Ogg Vorbis audio codec)
  • WMA - Windows Media Audio v1 and v2 (WMA1/2 / DivX Audio v1/v2)
  • WMA - Windows Media Audio v9 (WMA9) (via WMA9 DLL’s)
  • AC3 (Dolby Digital) 2.0, 5.1 and 7.1 audio in video AC3 pass-through (S/PDIF-out)
  • AC3 (Dolby Digital) 2.0 and 5.1 audio in video software decoded to stereo analog-out
  • DTS (Digital Theater Sound) 48Khz audio in DVD-Video (DTS digital pass-through)
  • DTS (DTS and DTS-WAV) 44.1Khz/48Khz audio in DVD-Video (software decoded)*
  • AAC - Advanced Audio Coding (Profiles: HE, Main, LC, LTP & LD, + ER)
  • M4A and MP4 (MPEG-4 Audio) (including Nero Digital MP4) *****
  • FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) audio
  • BMP picture/image
  • JPG/JPEG picture/image
  • GIF picture/image
  • PNG picture/image
  • TIF/TIFF picture/image
  • TGA picture/image
  • PCX picture/image
  • ICO picture/image
  • SID (Commodore 64 tunes) audio
  • Tracker Mod’s audio, see list bellow:


need i say it, modded is the best. You can do everything an unmodded one can do and a lot more. My xbox runs everything i through at it, linux, evolutionx, unleash x, the possibilitiesare endless.


I personally can’t understand why anyone would want to spend the money and time and effort in modding a “fat” PS2. A new slim one, maybe, but then they are garbage so why bother even purchasing one? I still don’t know of a working fix for the Slim PSTwo’s anyway. Put a modchip in one and pray the laser still works.

I have a few old PS2’s and I use the Memory Card exploit and have a personally customized and skinned HDLoaderFree exploited memory card. I need a larger HDD but even with my 40GB one I can pretty much stuff a large collection of games on there and never have to do anything but press the power button on the PS2. I get faster load times and less texture popin on some games like GTASA.

For games that won’t work with HDLoader I use the Slide Card and Swap Magic.

Contrary to popular belief the Slide Card does not wear out the drive motor any faster than not using the Slide Card. That is just a myth fabricated by those that sell modchips and by those that prefer modchips. When things on the PS2 wears out its usually Sony’s fault for putting crap parts in it. Such as installing 400A lasers in some PS2’s.

While I admit it takes a little longer to start a game using the slide card method it does not void your warranty and your console is virtually unmodified when you install it. I know many people want to tell you that you must modify your console to play imports and backups but they are simply wrong… I don’t consider taking off the tiny faceplate of the DVD drive modifying my console, especially when it only takes 1/2 drop of superglue or a snap of the fingers to pop it back on.

Also, as long as SwapMagic is in business you can always purchase each new disk as it comes out for added functionality. For instance, the new Swap Magic DVD 3.3 disk allows you to play in Pal or NTSC format whereas DVD2.0 did not.

And as long as you use DVDLoader or CDLoader you can pretty much play each and every single PS2 game in existence with the exception of DVD9 games. However, some of them will work if installed on the PS2 HDD.

All that said, I still think a modchip can be a good investment if you know how to install it and update it or if you have the money to get it installed without getting ripped off. The Matrix Infinity and Crystal Chip appear to be the mods of choice.

As for me, I can play Backups, Imports, Emulators, Music, Any Region Movies, etc, etc, etc… and my PS2’s aren’t modified. Just a combination of HD Loader and SwapMagic.


hdadvance in my “fat” ps2 is great.


I have a DMS3 modded “fat” 30001R PS2. I wouldn’t trade the chip for anything. I don’t have to deal with all of the extra BS that swap methods do. I can pick up any game and make a straight 1:1 backup, pop it in and it works without a hitch. Swap Magic are always playing catchup with the latest games and are constantly needing patches additional swaps, ect.


modded is best mine is a v7 i think with messiah2 chip. You just put you’r disk in and play.Thinking of getting a ps2 slim and fitting a crystal chip cc 1.0 in it with hacked software to play backups on it or might try a dms chip


might not be a good idea i’ve read problems with this solderless chip


Thats interesting as i was considering buying one of these next when my messiah gives up…
I have also been testing the slide card for someone and although it worked well with all games i tried i could not get uefa champions league 2005 to work at all …