To many double topics!


  1. Is it possible to enhance the search engine, lots of double topics with the same questions are posted. I'm missing the old topic style with one topic & 35 answers!

  2. Is it possible to create some kinda ftp site where people can submit their cracks, patches & stuff for a couple of days, because their are lots of dead links, or people are sending these patches etc. on mail so no one else can use them, and have to post a new topic to ask the same thing again.

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I agree.

  1. i can’t enhance the search engine, 'cause it’s just a script and i didn’t wrote it, so i can’t enhance (hey, i even don’t know perl)

  2. for an ftp we need a server… we already have troubles keeping one server up , but i shall talk about it with domin8tor.

  1. What’s perl? I don’t know what it means either.

1&2. Thanx.


perl is a - server side - scripting language