To make dolby 5.1 default instead of DTS?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about how to do this? For example, Castaway. When doing the full disc with menus, not just just movie only, DTS is the default audio when you playback. I just want to keep dolby 5.1 and get rid of DTS, it just takes too much space. So I remove DTS using DVD Rebuilder. Then after DVD Rebuilder and burn, when you play the disc there is no audio. But if you go to the menus, and select dolby 5.1, you can get the sound back.

On a side note- I noticed that when you play the DVD decrypter ripped files on the hard drive through PowerDVD, there is also no sound, but the original plays on same computer and has sound. So I guess DVD Decrypter already removed DTS before Rebuilder had a chance to remove it?

I’ve seen a post somewhere that mentioned remapping the audio to make 5.1 the default audio on playback. Is there a way to do this? I heard theres only a few movies like this, but what do some of you do when you run into this? Preferrably a method that doesn’t require 3 softwares and 14 different steps? lol :slight_smile:

I’ve prepared an example of how to swap audio tracks using IFOEdit. You can find the latest version by doing a quick search on Google.
I don’t personally have a DVD with DTS as the default audio track but what I’ll do is swap the default Dolby 5.1 and DTS round so that DTS plays by default to illustrate the process.
In DVD Decrypter it’s possible to see what audio streams you have available by selecting IFO mode after loading up the DVD. The screen will look similar to this:

In the right hand side, click on the Stream Processing tab and it will show you what streams are available. I have highlighted the streams I’m going to use as examples with green arrows (no prizes for guessing where they came from) Also you’ll notice red numbers on the left of the streams. These are the order in which the streams appear in IFOEdit.

Ok now you have an idea of what we’re going to do, I’ll explain the process in steps.

  1. Download IFOEdit and run the program.
  2. Click the OPEN button down in the bottom left corner.
  3. Navigate to the VIDEO_TS directory of your ripped files.
  4. Select the VTS_01_1.IFO file and click the open button*

*or VTS_0n_1.IFO where n is the VTS set you need for the main movie

IFOEdit will now display something similar to this:

To avoid confusion, the red “A” in this picture isn’t present in the original program. It’s something I added to point you to the part of interest.

  1. To the right of “A” you will see VTS_PGCITI. Double click on this and you’ll get a screen similar to this:

  1. Click on the selection next to “B” and the bottom half of the IFOEdit window will change. You need to navigate down until it displays something similar to this:

  1. The line indicated by “C” is the first audio stream. On the right there is a value 32768 and can be edited by double-clicking on it. What we want to do is swap the values of the first two of these “Audio stream status” entries, so double-click on the first one and enter 33024. Now double-click on the second one and enter 32768.

  2. Nearly there. Click on the first line of the top window and you’ll see the bottom window change to something similar to this:

  1. Under the section “Title Set (Movie) attributes:” double click on the first audio track and a dialog like this will appear:

  1. Click on the drop down box titled “Coding mode” and select DTS then click on OK. Do this for the second audio track but on the second one select “Dolby AC-3” for the “Coding mode” box.

  2. Click on “SAVE” in the lower left corner of IFOEdit. It will prompt you to save the file as a .BUP; click yes.

  3. Exit the program and then test out your DVD.

All in less than 14 steps as per request! :smiley:

Hope this helps!



Thank you Tigerzai!

Very clear and straightforward instructions! :slight_smile:

I did download Ifoedit 0.97 a couple days ago, but I haven’t spent the time to learn it yet. Seems alot more in depth than your average app. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to learn it, cause I’ve heard Ifoedit is a very good powerful app.
I’ve just already been spending so much time lately learning how to use decrypter, vobblanker, rebuilder, shrink, menuedit, and a few others. I’m still sorta new at this and just began backing up my movie collection not long ago. All has gone well so far, except this castaway issue, and also a couple that give me buffer overflow #3 in Rebuilder0.66, 0.67, and 0.69 (Paycheck and Manchurian Candidate, only if I vobblank them first).

So thank you so much Tigerzai, I think you’ve helped me past one of my remaining obstacles. I hope I have time to try it today, will let you know how it worked out. Again thx :bigsmile:

Oh tiger,

After I do all that, do I need to do a Get VTS Sectors or anything on the finished project?

…and also a couple that give me buffer overflow #3 in Rebuilder0.66, 0.67, and 0.69 (Paycheck and Manchurian Candidate, only if I vobblank them first).

Buffer overflow eh? Okay I’ve seen that happening in movies where there is a scene with static (a snow effect similar to a TV that has no input signal). Due to the arbitrary nature of these scenes they are a nightmare to encode because true random data is very hard to compress and requires a resulting crazy bitrate. There is a scene like this in Minority Report for example that threw an encode with CCE. The reason being that encoders such as CCE can be set to encode with a maximum bitrate. The absolute maximum according to DVD standards is 9800 kilobits per second from what I have learned. These titles have been encoded with this bitrate so all you need do is ensure the application that works with CCE can be set to encode difficult scenes using this maximum setting.

Hope this helps you past some remaining stumbling blocks.



You don’t need to “Get VTS Sectors” because you are altering an IFO file. Get VTS Sectors is required when changes affect VOB (Video OBject) files. VOB files contain the video, audio and subtitle data. Part of the job of IFO files is to tell the DVD player the location of streams within the VOB files. Get VTS Sectors is needed when reducing the bitrate of a video stream or removing streams for example.



But if I don’t preprocess with vobblanker, I don’t get this error in Rebuilder. So are you saying that vobblanker has introduced some type of static scene or something, to make this error happen? Do you know if theres a command line or something I can add to the Rebuilder ini file to make it bypass this error? Or should I use a different soft than vobblanker?

Thanks much for all your info tiger, you’ve been a great help. I know some people say “just don’t preprocess” but I really want to. Sometimes theres way too much space in extras to keep everything. So I just keep what isn’t crap before I rebuild it.

No I mean that part of the scene in the movie has a TV screen or even the entire frame has static (no signal on a TV effect). Ever seen programmes with a scene change where it uses a snow-effect to cut between scenes? This is what I mean.

The error in ReBuilder with pre-processed movies I can’t explain but one work-around is to oversize the output from ReBuilder (compensating for the amount of extras you will remove) and then post-process with VobBlanker. It’s a little more work but I’ve seen many problems with pre-processed titles and ReBuilder. I’ve also seen reports that there may have been problems with the initial ripping of the disc. Try re-ripping the disc.



Yes I’ve done that too. I spent some time to come up with some math equations that help me determine the final compressed size + the compressed size of anything i want to remove, so I can remove it after the fact, and still be extremely close to target of full disc usage. Takes quite a few steps to determine original compression, then the compression with the extras youre gonna remove, then determine the difference between these compression ratios, and then apply this to a ratio of sectors to find out your targetsectors setting. The couple times I’ve done it, it gets me extremely close to the end size I want. Then I found out red opt can do this for me lol, but I haven’t tried it yet.

The problem with this way, is that you still lose some compression since the extras you wanna remove are in on the deal. I’d really rather the crap I don’t want is never there in the first place. I did also try re-ripping with no happiness. With all the other movies I’ve backed up so far, vobblanker and rebuilder get along famously, but just these couple are kickin my ass so far.
Youre the man Tigerzai, thanks for all your help, I’ll try the Ifoedit audio switcharoo later today when I get home I think, and let you know. Thx

If you’re at work, I want your job! heh