To LTD-163D 16X DVD-ROM owners



are any of you experiencing or have experienced this with your DVD-ROM drive before? sometimes when my DVD drive is attempting to read the contents of a disc it tends to take a little longer than usual. the "read" light will continue blinking and whatever i'm running on Windows will slow down for a few seconds. for eg, if i'm playing an audio file it'll sound choppy, and data traffic on my modem would halt for a while. is this behaviour normal for a DVD drive? cos i know for sure i never experience this kind of problem with my CD-RW drive.


I also haven an LTD-163D 16X DVD-ROM and it works fine here…:wink:



check to make sure the drive is set to UDMA 2 in device manager…

I have found my drive speeds up and slowdowns down abit…but overall performace is good IMHO…I do think my tosh 6702b cdrom was a little faster with cds…but maybe not…


yes, the DVD drive is in UDMA2 mode when the problem occurs. am i the only one experiencing this “slowdown”?

you can test this when your modem is downloading something. observe the modem icon on the bottom right of the taskbar, both “lights” should be litted up indicating data being received. while this is happening, insert a disc into your DVD drive and let it load up. see if the “lights” on the modem icon stop momentarily until the drive stops reading. mind you this does not happen all the time, so eject and reinsert the disc a couple more times just to test. another way is to play a real audio file, or maybe some video file and doing the same thing to see if the sound/picture gets jerky while the drive is reading.

OR, you can check your System Event Log. In Windows XP, go to the “Control Panel” and double click on “Administrative Tools” and then “Event Viewer”. Double click on “System” and you should be able to see log entries for the past month. Sort by Type by clicking on the “Type” header on the first column. Now scroll down till you see the Error log entries. See if you can find entries like this with source: atapi and event: 9. Double click on it and the description should read something like “The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort1, did not respond within the timeout period.”. That’s the DMA error whenever the DVD drive slows the PC for a few seconds.

incidentally, more than 6 of those errors and Windows XP automatically sets your DVD drive to PIO mode (you can get back to UDMA2 by reinstalling your DVD drive). i’m having this problem at the moment.

i hope you guys can take the time to try this stuff out on your system. i would really like some closure to the matter so that i can finally SLEEP! 8(


Everything fine here too at this end - however i have a cable modem :bigsmile: - no internal modem.


@ 4th alphabet !

I do experiance the same problems as you and i to dont no whats the problem ?

also when my dvdrom ltd 163 d reads a cdrom when its spining up i can here a sound like the cdroom is grinding on the lid or something ?

or when i put a dvdrom in it when it spins up i can here gringing noises ???


thats the only problems i have apart from those and yours !!
i just figured if was norm ?

and left it alone

what i think it is thats giveing you problms !! is i think the 40x and 48x are useing to much of your CPU i mean when im burning and trying to work on my system i sometimes get slowdowns !!!

well thats my rant over with :bigsmile:


I get the same “hang” problem when I connect it to another IDE controller I have, but I do not have it when connected to the main ide controller :confused:

That funny sounds is the small balls in the ABS mechanism going into position. It should sound like that.

ABS info here:


Originally posted by OC-Freak
[B]I get the same “hang” problem when I connect it to another IDE controller I have, but I do not have it when connected to the main ide controller :confused:

That funny sounds is the small balls in the ABS mechanism going into position. It should sound like that.

ABS info here: [/B]

tnx mate for clearing up that grinding noises :smiley:

now for a fix for high cpu usage in the next firmware release or the 48x burners :stuck_out_tongue: and 40x :stuck_out_tongue: :bow: :bow: :bow:


i have come to the conclustion that its not worth doing on the fly copys !!! becuse audio neds slower read speeds for better extraction !!! there for i get buffer runs burning audio on the fly at over 32x - 48x


but when setting the max buffer settings in clonecd 4 i can burn audio up tto 40x with out buffer under runs :stuck_out_tongue:

so olli i think clonecd needs bigger buffers becuse i dont get these problems with cdrmate !>…

tnx again ocfreak mate for clearing up the noise problem i thought i was haveing hehe :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks for the response guys. i just tried setting up the DVD drive as the only device on Secondary IDE and removing the CD-RW. still get the same DMA timeouts. somebody suggested switching IDE channels with my hard drive. that is set my DVD and CD-RW respectively as Primary master and slave, and my hard drive as Secondary master. a bit irregular, but is it ok to have my boot hard drive as Secondary master?

i also noticed that noise with my DVD-ROM when it’s spinning at high speeds. good to know this is normal. virus2k, hope we can both crack this problem with our DVD drives. have you checked your System Event Log for the DMA errors?

i usually get the “slowdown” when a new disc is being loaded up into the drive, or when the drive has been idle for a while and starts up to do a read. once that bit is over with, the drive continues reading normally, no more “slowdown” occurs.

a LOT of people seem to think this kind of behaviour is normal or acceptable. anybody got ideas?


just tried switching the IDE channels with my hard drive. still getting the same problem on Primary IDE channel.

Virus2k, are you running Windows XP? could this be an O/S problem?