To Lightscribe or not to Lightscribe



i just bought my first lightscride dvdrw drive and i thought you could make color images.
i also bought memorex cd-r so i can put image on a disc but all the disc are like dark grey and i noticed most of lightscribe disc out there are like a dark grey.
my images onbly print black&white is that normal?
are there any lightscribe blank media that you can burn color images on?
those are my two questions because before this i was just printing color labels and pressing them on a disc and the time it takes to burn a lightscribe disc is way too long.
did i just get a dvd-rw drive just so it can say lightscribe on it and not be able to burn a color image on a disc?

so are my questions valid or have i lostamarble? heh :confused:

thanks for reading this.


by the way please excuse any mistakes on spelling.


Hello there Lostamarble

I have to lightscribe dives (internal and external) :bigsmile:
what you see is what you get :rolleyes: that’s just the way it is :sad:
I too got them for the same reason you did but I got TWO " BUMMER "
from what I hear thogh they are working on the color disc don’t know when they are coming out



That’s the technology limitation. Lightscribe and Labelflash are both monotone technologies at the moment. While they are working on colour lightscribe printing, I doubt it would be cheap and fast, or available soon. Inkjet printable discs with an appropriate printer is a better course of action than using Lightscribe - cost and timewise. If you’re worried about water resistance, try some Watershield/Waterproof printable DVD’s or try using some lacquer spray.

Lightscribe is basically for text or simple images - a way to do it without a printer, but generally not that many are interested in them at the moment becauase of the drawbacks you’ve experienced.


what gets me is how they advertise lightscribe dvd drives by saying how you can make great disc’s then show you a color image you can burn on the disc for example: there are tons of downloadable images which are shown in color but what they dont tell you is that you can only print B&W.
so for anyone else reading this i personally think lightscribe drives are a waste of money unless you get it on sale.
i am gonna go back to printing and labeling my personal disc’s through my printer and label paper.


Hi Lostamarble :slight_smile: (great name BTW :D)

Before you consider putting paper labels on your discs, have you read this thread?:

Sticky paper labels on DVD+/-R discs: beware!

I really think you’d be better off getting a disc printer and some printable discs if you want full-colour labels :slight_smile:


thanks Arachne i just read the thread though at the moment i have 2 printers i guess the one the print in color for dvdr disc will be mine soon enough


EPSOM printers are very good for direct cd\dvd burning and compatible inks are very cheap also…
I have the R300 and it does a great job…


the epson380 looks nice and its $89 thing is it has 6 ink cartridges may i ask how long the ink last with that r300 you have madmax.


Hello again.
I got the epson stylus photo R380 and you folks were right because the printable disc are coming out awesome.
Thanks for all the info.


Hi Lostamarble - you may find it useful to check out the printing and labelling thread which will give you a lot of info.
Lightscribe discs are available in a range of monochrome colours - produced by Philips I think. I haven’t tried them personally - but there are some scanned pictures of the results in the thread.


around how much is one a lightscribe cd? (a US dollar rate woud do great, philippine peso would be greater) actually im not even sure if it’s available here in the philippines…

oh yeah and what software to use? i have nero 7 premium (the whole suite not just express) so does any among these work? wouldnt want to spend money on another software just to do this hehe



do not use paper labels most dvd player will not play disc with them on it they add weight to the disc and they will not play i learned the hard way


Hi GoldenX - The LightScribe media vary in price depending on manufacturer, but tend to be more expensive (up to double) the price of non LightScribe media. Some of the manufacturers are HP, Memorex, Philips. I can’t give you a $ value that would make any sense because prices of media varies a great deal throughout the world, and also on quality, brand etc.

To start using LightScribe, you can’t simply buy a CD or DVD though - you need a burner that is LightScribe enabled. The burner has to have a second optical source that can burn the image pattern onto the LightScribe surface of the media. Check to see if your drive does this - otherwise you need a new burner to get started (and it’s probably not worth the extra money IMO)

For software to run LightScribe and make designs, you can get a free download of SureThing from theLightScribe website
Check out their site for lots more info on how to get started too :iagree:


i use the samsung lightscribe dvr and i like the monocrome labels, i only use it for the lables tho i use the pioneer 110d to backup the movie. it works for me.