To LG or to HLDS that is a question

I have a dell PC with an HL-DT-ST DVD+RW GRA-4120B burner installed, the manufacturer is Hitachi LG Data Storage and I need new firmware to allow burning from 2.4x to the Max ( 8x I think) the DELL web-site is hopeless and the Hitachi/LG site says to contact the PC manufacturer for the latest drivers/firmware BUT

LG has firmware for their GRA-4120B but warn that it shouldn’t be used if the drive is OEM and software should be obtained from the PC assembler but the DELL website is hopeless and a search for the drive that they installed reveals that there is no firmware/drivers available for the burner

So what to do ?

Use better media, that is key#1.
Eg. TY and verbatim.

lots of people have used the LG firmware in there Dell and didn’t have any problems. you can always give it a try :slight_smile: