To Kerry5

Hey Kerry, thnx ey and soz bout you kn0w what. Anyhow, I have a vob converter, I need some advice, my buddy borowed me his guitar dvd, first time I tried to copy it, I got errors & read errors, so I went to my local dvd shop to buff the disc, & even after paying then to buff away the scratches, I stil couldn’t copy it for myself. Will dvdfab work? Coz ri4m and decrypter dnt work, n0t even shrink or anydvd, and I als0 have a vcd with my fav music vids on it, I got it from my brother but could only back up like 3 music vids, think someth!ng realy wrong with that dics coz when I insert it into the drive autoplay opens after like a massive strugle reading the disc, and then when I click on open folder to view files it opens a new window but its brank and when I direct the m0use pointer to the drive it shows the cd is empty, what can the problem be & and how can I retrieve that music vids from the disc? Hope you can help with that one.

Sorry, we can’t help with the borrowed guitar dvd. We can only help with media that you own…it can’t be borrowed, rented or in any way a temporary ownership.

Since the vcd is yours, given to you by your brother, we can try to help with it, but not many of us use vcd’s these days. I suggest using the free version of ISOBuster to get the contents from the vcd disk onto the hard drive.