To HTPC or Not to HTPC

I am looking for help or direction, with the purchase of a starter HTPC. I’m looking to replace my DVD recorder that I use to record shows from my DirecTV account via TIVO. (DVD Recorder did not make it through Hurr. Ike) I’ve got an extra PC lying around and a new Shuttle Glamor PC (for Father’s day), so I’ve got the PC part covered. For basic recording Today and for Tomorrow’s expansion (Hard Drive), is it better to continue with the HTPC or try and purchase another DVD Recorder.
Price is important…however my concerns are: Upgrades
(PC-Pros) Blu-Ray, Eventual need for more Hard Drive space (streaming), upgrading components (PC seems to win here).
(DVD-Recorder-Pros) DVD-Recorder-- Easy set up, connection to TiVo with RCA, HD cables, HDMI, small form…
Then comes the question of what other hardware will need to be purchased? HD-PVR…etc (This is where the HTPC loses some of its luster) I’m a PS-Pre Law grad with a Business Grad tapped on, Computers are a great hobby with games but this HTPC thing is another world…Help!!! Please!!!