To get high I use

To get high i use __

Gee I wonder which groupie put Domin8tor :slight_smile:

For me alchohol always does the trick. I dont enjoy smoking anything. I believe that smoke no matter what its form is bad for you. Ofcourse it marijuanna always makes everyone happy, but i only sit in the room where some of my friends smoke it, not actually smoke it myself. Same effect.

Freshly burned CD’s, new car smell.

Rock 'n Roll baby :smiley:

Euh yeah… music’s mine. Alchohol is OK (Jack Daniels ;)) and so are the freshly burned cd’s, but good music (that means guitars) playing at quite some volume (1 MWatt) with some ppl (100.000?) jumping like fools… yeah that rules :slight_smile:

Gee, at this point Domin8tor is in the lead, as he should be…

… a ladder

… a skylift

For a minute I thought it said:

I get high because…

Then my answer would be: “the ignorant users on this forum”

But now it said 'To get high I use" and my answer would be “myself” :wink:

To get high i have Sex with Hard Drugs following a wiff of Freshly Burnt CD’s just after i strolled home in a few Fast Cars from playing Computer Games with Domin8tor but he was Drinking Alcohol while watching Fitness videos at the same time being busted for the possesion of Cannabis. :confused: :smiley:

You know, a little pesticide, a little RAID, and some tabasco, mix w/ volka on ice. :bigsmile:

cars baby, just the cars

Music for me. :bigsmile:


Games and music for me…

Music !!!

At the moment I’m listening to the new Tori Amos CD, Scarlet’s Walk
I think it’s the best she’d ever made :smiley: :smiley:

747 gets me high:)

Babes, Bullets and Bombs ! :slight_smile: