To get an iPod or what´s better?

Ok…this is for a buddy who is even less technically au fait than me.

He said “I wanna get an iPod”

I said “Don´t, cos you get locked into a system and will have issues will back-ups or licences and some other technical crap”

So…what do you think? What´s your pick here…?

4 -6 GB should be enough…doesn´t really need video capabilities.


He should (IMO) get a Pocket PC + SD or MMC cards instead.
It has more style :slight_smile:

(Of course I know that iPod is the ultimate style^2^3^4, but then again I’m sure the Pocket PCs offer more and are not really much more expensive, it’s just the short battery time that kinda sucks.)

Buy a PSP! It can do anything any iPod can (mp3, mp4, RSS) and even play games! :slight_smile:

I think you are absolutely right. I’d suggest something that appears as a drive in Explorer and that you can simply drag and drop the music files/folders onto. And make sure it has standard AAA or AA batteries. With the money you save from not getting an iPod, buy a decent utility like Tag&Rename and that should be all they need for a hassle-free time.

Further questioning reveals that portability isn´t really the issue.
[B]He wants to be able to play music in his living room[/B], and his girlfriend has a nice Harmon Kardon amp or stereo. He thinks he should be able to plug an MP3 player into that and have lots of lovely music “on call”.

Of course he can do that, but I think he has better, at least far simpler options…

For one, he could just learn how to use WinAmp on his laptop…it never leaves his living room anyway…and all he needs is a set of speakers…hell, even a 5.1 system would be easy to set up.

On the other hand, spending the extra and having a nice stand alone music library (via PSP with games too - good tip - might appeal…) sounds ok.

Anymore cool ideas? (hehe…it´s his money…let´s spend it)

Well with an Ipod you are locked into software from Apple…
I have a Ipod Nano 8Gb which I like, but I hate the Itunes software…So I am using Itunes only to update the newest firmware for my nano and use Winamp to transfer songs.
Now your friend doesnt seem to want portability as no1 preference so I would recommend a HDD enclosure with MP3 playback support. You just add a Harddisc and attach via USB to your computer, transfer the songs and after that hook the HDD up to the amplifier. There are some even alowing to playback MP2、MP3、WMA、AAC、WAV、MPA、RPCM、ABS、m4a,ogg as well as AVI、DIVX、ASF、VOB、MPG、MP4、M2T、M2P、M1V、M2V、M4V、TS、TRP、TP、DAT、ISO (DVD ISO)、IFO、WMV9、WMV video formats.
Something like this:
I think there should also be models around only doing music files but i am not 100% sure…

Then I would even more recommend a Pocket PC :wink:

30-gig video ipod is the best deal (if you’re going by gigs per dollar) but it’s overkill. I have one with 4500 songs on it, enough room for probably 2000 more and it’s already impossible to find the song that i want. I don’t know if you can just plug and play an ipod though…you might need a dock…

100% agreed i love my psp

Why yes, did you know there is free software to turn your computer into a psp rss webserver? You can stream your mp3’s from your computer via your wifi router to your psp! Instant music everywhere!

Check it out at to make your own or donwload a precompiled server here.

If he has any PHP knowledge he could also make his own little PHP script that generates new rss feeds on his server everytime he adds a new mp3 file.