To Flashfix DR8HS0P.EXE or not?

I have converted 411s@811s and have Dr8hsok. I want to upgrade to the latest H version. Do I execute the file ordo I need to run Flashfix on it please?

If you used version 4 of the patch, then just run hs0p and you will be fine.

I am sure I used ver 4. I get “unable to patch - please contact the vendor” or similar

Any ideas pls?

p.s. strange! I rebooted and bios screen shows LiteOn HS0P, DVDInfo shows it as HS0P BUT it did NOT flash with a sucessful message. Any way to confirm either way please?

If you are told that HS0P is on the drive, then it probably is. You could make a backup of the firmware on your drive using LtnFW and compare it to an available HS0P binary. Be aware that the bootcode area will probably be different. I can compare it for you if you want.