Hello Fengtao and Ting :flower:

I no longer have the problem with DVDFab Platinum freezing during the FINALIZING :bigsmile:
which I have had from the very start of using Fab back in april of 2006 and with reading and asking for help on the issue in the forum with not much luck :sad:
And when I sent you that very long PM the other day on what the problem was, and you sent me a reply about 10 hours later with the download for the version I was very surprised I did not think that I was going to get such a fast response and a fix to boot. :clap: :clap: :bow:


I want to thank both of you for the products that you guys have produced are in my books
OUTSTANDING and the support and fast developments with the updates to the softwares,
has developed one of the most powerful software products on the market in many years.

Once again Thank you both

Tim :cool:

P.S… And for those who thinks DVDFab sucks and no support, you wouldn’t know a good
thing if it bit you in the keyster :bigsmile:


Thank you StormJumper, Fengtago and Ting
I also had this problem from the start. I’ve downloaded the 6 Beta but wanted to wait to install till after the reviews were in. Sounds great. Now I can stop explaining to people how to live with it. Will try it later today.
You people are great!


StormJumper, This probably is not the place to ask this but maybe I’ll get it in.
How and where can I add my system Specifications to the bottom of my threads like you do?



Upper left of any page (that sort of weird orange-colored bar)…
click on “User CP” (user control panel) > edit signature…
you should be all set from here… :wink:


Thank you maineman. Also used your DMA link. Keep up the good work. :cool: