To encrypt DVDs so i can burn them

i’m new here, i just recently bought an External Sony DVD+/-R dual layer double layer dvd burner!!! I joined because i want to get help on how to encrypt DVDs so i can burn them.



You will need to download;

DVD Decrypter & DVD Shrink

Start here -

regards, katzz :slight_smile:

hey Kat thanks, i DL the shrink, i will read the link later on cuz i have to go to work :smiley:

You’ll need something like AnyDVD too, for the latest copy protections. It’s available as a 21-day fully-functional trial from :slight_smile:

BTW, welcome to CDF :wink:

Anydvd is the best, but if you want to stick to free software, dvd fab decryptor or this
might be of some help with newer movies. If you want paid software, nero or clonedvd are also options to look at though shrink still does a great job (shrink and nero recode were originally written by the same person though nero has probably had a bit more updating done to it).

“how the ENcrypt DVDs”

Sorry, that will not work unless you spend thousands of $ …

Why do you wanna to “encrypt DVDs to burn them”?
Is it, you have your video and you want to get a DVD with menus and so?
or, you have data you want to encrypt befora you burn them to a DVD?
or, you want to produce a DVD Video, encrypted like the ones you buy (using CSS)?
For the last: chef just told you.
For the first: look at http:/ for packages indication and tutorial.
You’ll need DVD authoring software.
For the second: pick a dedicated software to restrict access to your info or copy protection to avoid copies of it.

there’s a HUGE terminology problem here.

encrypt means to protect the disc so they cannot be ripped.

do you mean you’re trying to DECRYPT original discs, do you mean you want to ENCODE files to DVD or do you actually mean you’re trying to ENCRYPT?

please clarify your intention and people will be better able to help you.


Try this program it’s called:

“Dvd Copy Protector v 1.00 Beta” and it’s freeware!


To open the zip file you will need WinZip 9.1 or newer to open the zip file.

hope this helps.

I got the impression he meant “unencrypt”… at least I think… uh… well… not sure…

Yeah, I got the same impression…he said he’s new and just wants the basics so he can enjoy his new toy…he wants to decrypt.

Folks do tend to “muddy” their requests here though, or give less than minimal info, so I can understand asking for clarification.

Same here :iagree:

half the people were giving information on how to encrypt dvds whie the other have were giving information on how to decrypt so i figured stopping and calrifying would be beneficial before the poor guy gets even more confused with advice for opposite processes.

besides, we all know what happens when you ASSUme…

I believe my wife uses similar language when she refers to me as ThomASS… :bigsmile:

Yep, I also thought of “decrypting & transcoding”…

In this case, the post#2 already contains the answers.

Oops my aplogies you guys, i’m new to dvd burning, i meant DECRYPT where you can bypass any DVD, so I can burn it.

I use dvdfab decrypter (see my sig). Its free and up-to-date.
Then if the decrypted files are over 4.3 gig, I use DVD shrink to shrink it to a size that will fit in a single layer DVD. Then I burn with ONES (see my sig).
Each of us has his own way … so mine is obviously not the best … to others.
You will need to make up your mind after several test.