To enable OPC?




I am moving from Nero8 to ImgBurn.
I notice there is an option in ImgBurn that allow the user to enable/disable OPC, while Nero8 do not have this option.

First thing, does LG support OPC ?
(i’m using GGW-H20L)
If yes, is it recommend to enable ?

Where possible, i’m trying to keep the burning settings constant btw Nero8 & ImgBurn, so that i can minimize any variation during this early stage of transition.



As reported in the official ImgBurn guide,

Performing Optimum Power Calibration (OPC ) is a special technique used in newer CD/DVD recordable drives to perform a test write and read in an area inside of the lead-in, in order to determine the best laser power for recording and to adjust to each recordable disc, which may vary slightly from different manufacturers, or for other reasons.

I don’t know if your drive support OPC :frowning:

However, the default setting in ImgBurn is disabled, and I don’t use it.

The purpose of OPC is to improve writing quality when using low quality media, to be sure that the disc will be burned at the best speed. However, using low quality discs is anyway a risk, because no drive can transform them in good discs.

Using good quality media OPC becomes pretty useless.



Will proceed cautiously without OPC first :smiley:


There are no risks in using OPC :slight_smile:

The only way to know if it really improve burning quality is to make scans of your burned discs, but you need a liteon drive with Mediatek chipset (or a genuine Plextor drive).