To delete my own message : does not work

I send a “new thread” bur in the wrong section.
So I wanted to delete it accordig to FAQ. But no way.
I received a window telling me that I was or
a) that I dis not subscribe to the Forum and my account not activated
b) or got no permission to delete !

How must I proceed ?

I don’t think you can delete your own threads if someone replied to it… Actually I don’t know if a registered user can delete their own threads at all. Individual posts is no problem, but threads…

(I’ve been mod too long to remember how it was like I’m afraid ;))
What thread is it? I can delete it :slight_smile:

In certain forums you can delete a single post of your own, not all forum permissions are set the same.

But in general it is not possible for users to delete their own thread.

In case you made a wrong post, you can edit it and leave a message for admin/mod to have him delete it (or contact me directly to do so).