To d/l certain Windows updates or not?

Well, there are a couple of updates that I’m dubious about, given what their ‘Genuine Advantage’ tool can do to some people. I don’t know whether I should just ignore them or if they may benefit me. Why can’t they explain things in more lay terms?

Update for Windows XP (KB920342)
Typical download size: 782 KB , 1 minute
Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP) version 2.0 allows you to publish and resolve peer names with other PNRP nodes running v2.0. This is important for peer-to-peer applications on your system.

Can this interfere with P2P apps due to the nature of some media shared on them?

Update for WMDRM-enabled Media Players (KB891122)
Download size: 5.9 MB , less than 1 minute
Install this update to enable your PC to access premium content protected by Windows Media Digital Rights Management.

Can this have negative results on any kind of media?

Cheers guys!