To crossflash or not?

I have a Philips DVD±RW8801 burner that came with my Dell E510 computer and as you know Dell does not keep up with drivers or firmware. I bought a Samsung SH-S182M to be able to keep up on the firmware. I heard that I could crossflash my Philips to a BenQ 1650?? I read the thread on crossflashing and it seems somewhat confusing and I don’t want to wreck the drive. I’m ok with computers, but uncomfortable with crossflashing. I was thinking of just buying another brand to go along with my Sammie, but do you guys think I should try the crossflash? Is there an easier way to crossflash? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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First, try the drive as it is, to my experiance this is a okay burner even with generic firmware. :slight_smile:

Be aware of crossflashing will void your warranty, and if anything goes wrong (with flashing) there is no way back.

BTW, Philips own flashtool WinDWFlash is the most appropriate tool to use for (cross-)flashing (ofcourse together with a CVT fw).
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Welp do it, it is a Dell, they have crappy customer service anyway so what is the chance for you to get a replacement from Dell if the drive breaks down on its own?

I would like to flash it so it would be a better scanner. I heard the BenQ 1650 is a great scanner. My Philips won’t scan PIF’s, only PIE’s and Jitter. It also for some reason won’t scan faster then about 0.60x speed no matter what setting its on, so it takes an eternity to do a scan.

Slow scanning is a limitation of the OEM firmware.

Crossflash it without a doubt.

^^ Agreed. I crossflashed mine.

About how long does it take from beginning to end to crossflash? And exactly what programs specific for my drive do I need to use? Just WinDWFlash and the most current F/W for the 1650? Or am I missing something? Thanks again guys.

I wanted to buy a Benq, not some generic OEM drive. So what I did? Crossflashed right fromt the beginning

update us on your cross-flashing success and a few scans under the new firmware


One minute or so.

And exactly what programs specific for my drive do I need to use? Just WinDWFlash and the most current F/W for the 1650? Or am I missing something?
You should have read this sticky:


I cross flash from OEM to retail,retail brand to different retail brand all the time. So my vote is go for it.

That’s what makes us CD/DVD Freaks.

Thanks alot guys!!! I crossflashed and it worked great! It scans for everything under Nero now. It seems to give alot better scans then my Sammie. It scans at the higher speeds now and even seems to give great 4x scans on stuff I burned in the Sammie?? Do I need to update the driver now? I have BCDC in it. Also it was very easy(thanks pinto2) I noticed I have alot more options of scanning, like instead of just 4x I could do 4x CLV??

I’ve still got BCDC on both my 1650s, which works well for me, but others will come up with other firmware recommendations. :slight_smile:

Yea Welcome to being a flasher freak. See it wasn’t that painful.

No it wasn’t, first time is always a little scary I guess. Looked harder then it was, but everbody here makes it alot easier. This is a fun hobby.(Not sure why though)I just like learning new things I guess.

Same here. We all have to start somewhere as we all have :wink:

Yep :iagree: