To copy national treasure 2

how to copy national treasure 2?I used any dvd and it removed various copy protections but clone dvd 2 did not clone it.please help…

When it comes out in a few weeks, perhaps others will have some experience with it, and be able to help you better.
Its a disney movie, which suggests added level of protection.
Since this thread is in the copy dvd forum, have you tried [B]Ripit4me[/B] which is good at beating a lot of this protection? Or [B]DvdFabhd decrypter[/B].
Anydvd and its allied progs will i suspect eventually be able to do this movie.
In the interim, you may want to try the resilient progs mentioned above.

What versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD are you using?

EDIT: It appears R1 [B]may[/B] have new copy protection on it. We’ll see what James or Peer have to say about it :slight_smile:

From what Ive read at the Anydvd site, it would appear that AD still cant do this movie. Then again, it has not been released yet.

I am using Anydvd(Ver clone dvd 2(ver

Hey thanks for replying…I will try those softwares as u mentioned and let u know whether it worked.One more thing would u recommend a software which can clone the dvds

ashwin795, update your AnyDVD. You are version behind in the updates. Download the latest from here.

Wassup all…
I was successful copying this film using DVD Shrink with Any DVD bringing up the rear… Enjoy the movie!

I used DVD Fab ripped to harddrive with AnyDVD running then Nero8 Recode. I notice that CloneDVD2 has a blank@quality % bar similar to Mr.Woodcock if back up full disc , but I can do movie only with Clone DVD2 + AnyDVD

The latest release has been updated to deal with National Treasure 2.

i copied it using dvdfab platinum although i noticed that when i tried to use the customized split feature fab showed the movie to have only 2 chapters. i know that cant cant be right but…

anyway, i ended up being able to copy the movie but it wasnt at 100% quality. had to compress the file a bit using shrink to fit onto a dvd5.

DVDFab HD Decrypter ( + FixVTS did this movie for me, no problems. Afterwards, I ran it through AcidRip to convert to Xvid.

This movie is perfect with AnyDVD and CloneDVD No problems at all in the Region 1 version.:clap:

had sucess using magic dvd ripper and magic dvd copier.good luck