To copy it



puzzled i copied freedom force using alcohol 120 im not sure what i have done wrong when i put in the game it just kicks me out and gives me some message. any help please


It probably has copy protection of somekind.

Go here and download the a-ray scanner. Scan the orginal and see what kind of copy protection it uses and then download this file and see how you should copy it.

I hope this helps.


no i dosent the protection is safedisc 2.51 im using alcohol 120% just need the settings


What drive do you use to read the image and burn the image? Does it support safedisc 2.51?


The Safedisk settings should be at the bottom of the Alcohol window when your setting up reading or burning your disc.


heres a picture.


no clue if it supports it but i burnt halo (safedisc 2) sims superstar james bond nightfire and lots of others and they all worked great but not this one at first i thought it was a problem with my video card but i have a 128mb ati radeon 9250 and my burner is a hp