To Compress Or Not To Compress That Is My Question

Hello All,

I am brand new at this whole DVD back up thing. I have DVD Studio Pro 2 and am planning on buying the new Plextor 16x DVD reader writer. The main reason I am considering it is A) I heard Plextor makes the best DVD drives AND B) It’s a dual layer burner. I am a quality junkie, I like to have the best, without paying the most. Also I have found that the dual layer discs are around $10 a piece. My question is this, how much quality am I losing by compressing my DVD movies to a single layer disc, as opposed to no compression on a dual layer disc. So is there anyone out there that has a good perspective between the two that could give me some advice?


DON’T get the Plextor 16X DVD-RW at the moment. Too many ppl here have had problems with theirs. Check any of the threads in the Plextor part of this forum. If I were you, I would either get the BenQ DW-1620 or the NEC ND-3500A. Both provides 16X as well as 4X DVD+R DL.

For compression, if you don’t care about the extras on the DVD (trailers, behnid the scenes) than the movie will more than likey retain all its quality.

Deffinitely pass on the Plextor 16x.

As for compression, only you can answer that question as it depends on your monitor’s ability to show the effects of compression. On my 52" HD projection set, I cannot see any effects of compression up to about 75% compresion. (DVDShrink with high quality settings) But it really depends on the movie. GIGO is the rule, if the movie has a high bitrate, it will compress much better than if it is crap to start with.

You can get dual layer discs for $8 regularly right now and $6.50 if you look around. They are getting cheaper slowly.

This really comes down to economics. You can get a 1:1 backup for $8, or a compressed and/or stripped backup for $0.50.

If you buy a good quality dual layer capable burner you can try both for yourself!

I personally can often tell the difference between a compressed version and the original because I know what to look for. But I don’t find it objectionable enough to spend the $8!

P.S. Go for the BenQ. Less hassle, better utilities and support. They try harder.