To Compress Or Not To Compress That is My Question (DVD Video)

Hello All,

I am brand new at this whole DVD back up thing. I have DVD Studio Pro 2 and am planning on buying the new Plextor 16x DVD reader writer. The main reason I am considering it is A) I heard Plextor makes the best DVD drives AND B) It’s a dual layer burner. I am a quality junkie, I like to have the best, without paying the most. Also I have found that the dual layer discs are around $10 a piece. My question is this, how much quality am I losing by compressing my DVD movies to a single layer disc, as opposed to no compression on a dual layer disc. So is there anyone out there that has a good perspective between the two that could give me some advice?


compression always comes down to personal preference.
itz also affected by the type of DvD Video you are backing up - e.g. cartoon or motion picture with fast action…and so on

try dvd shrink

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