To change bios for new harddrive

I have just put in a seagate 250 gig ide harddrive, it has been formatted and i wud like to use it as a slave. the bios does not recognise the harddrive probably because its a pentium 3. i dont know. any help wud b appreciated as i am new at this.

I have a Celeron 2 (Pentium 3 with less cache) and a 250G Seagate HDD working without problems. My only problem was, that couldnt pull out the damn jumper from its position, so i had to stick with Cable Select mode.
All i can recommend you is to check the jumper settings on both drives on the same ide channel.
Also i recommend you to use Seagate’s SeaTools utility to set up your hard drive

Thanks for the advice, but i dont think you have read my username am that stupid. I think the jumper is on the back of the drive, the pin that bridges or selects, it only has two options and i have tried both. im not sure about the same ide channel.Where can i find seagates sea tools.