To Ch5Micky



I see you can now burn some oversized cd's. Do you know the max size you can burn with a 8210i? The 8100i would only burn upto 77mins on an 80min CDR. If you know the answer I would like to know as I am thinking of getting one but only if if can do the full 80mins



Hi Adey, To date i have backed up the following games that use the oversize protection; Kingpin, Official F1 & a utility cd called ‘Dragon7’ and i have used CDRWIN 3.8a & NERO burning ROM and i have installed these games on to my computer using the back up copy and they work fine. When a cd is oversized CDRWIN tells u that the disc u r trying to backup is larger than 74 minutes and do u wish to continue, click yes. Check out these links on what settings 2 use for CDRWIN & NERO and u should have no problems. & .Good Luck!

Ch5 Micky