To buy or not to buy?

I have been reading all the posts on this forum of the problems with the plextor 716A and have read about problems with the pioneer A08XL. I am new to DVD burning and reliability/quality burning is the main function I need. Fastest burn times are not a high priority and burning cheaper media is not needed either.

I received the pioneer A08XL as a gift, but as a current plextor 12/10/32A owner, want the plextor 716A.

Which is better, to keep the pioneer or return it and get the plextor?

Any and all comments welcomed :smiley:

Welcome to the forum Duckiller (interesting name, TheFlyingDuckman better watch out! ;)),

Seeing as I don’t own a Pioneer A08XL drive I cannot say which one is better. All I can tell you is that that Plextor PX-716A review will be online this week. My overall impressions of the drive are not great but good. It has some issues I’d like to see worked out but I’m sure that a firmware upgrade will be able to fix these issues. If you’re going to stick to quality media and a lower write speed any drive will perform just fine, including the 716A. The Plextor PX-716A does add features like Q-Check, AutoStrategy, SilentMode, GigaRec, VariRec, SecuRec, etc. which make it stand out from the rest. Hope this helps you!

Thanks. I have 30 days to take it back to BB. I will wait for the review first.

As for the name…'tis the season.

The Pioneer is a good drive, but I believe it sells for around $130 at BestBuy minus a $30 mail in rebate (see link below). This makes the Pioneer a somewhat pricey drive. :eek:

The Plextor sells for $150 minus a $30 rebate, a $20 premium over the Pioneer. :iagree:

Considering the expense of the Pioneer, I think you are better served paying $20 more and getting the Plextor. If you wanted to go cheaper, I’d tell you to buy the Benq 1620, which BestBuy doesn’t sell. :sad:

The initial reviews for the Plextor are not going to be glowing because there are still some bugs to be worked out in firmware, as Gamefreak stated. So if the review is what you are waiting on, well . . . expect to wait a little longer. The Plextor won’t reach it’s full potential for a little while.

But when it does, whoa buddy! It’s going to be something. :bigsmile: I am setting myself up in opposition to all the hata’s. So maybe I’m a little biased, but I believe Plextor always comes through in the end. :iagree:


Price of a drive is not important. The only thing that matters to me is burn quality and reliability of the drive. If burning slower (16x doesn’t really matter that much to me) and using name brand media means better burn quality, then so be it for now. My only reservation is…are the “bugs” mentioned able to be fixed simply by firware improvements or is there an underlying hardware problem?

I have read other posts about 0000 vs 0202 “hardware” versions not being equal with the same firmware. If one is to buy the drive now, will future “versions” be different hardware or firmware?

I have been happy with plextor for many years, and these issues with the 716A drive are making me (and probably others) second guess buying plextor now and in the future.

The bugs mentioned is hardware related and I believe plextor fixed this issue in hardware revision 02 (TLA02xx). I’m pretty confident because now I see (and experience myself) good to excellent burns with TLA02xx and fw 1.03/1c04 for speed 12x and 16x. TLA00xx and 01xx are always very good in burning 4x and 8x.

I have read other posts about 0000 vs 0202 “hardware” versions not being equal with the same firmware. If one is to buy the drive now, will future “versions” be different hardware or firmware?
I’m happy to see future firmware releases because it will definitely fixes writing strategies for the upcoming media, especially 16x DVD±Rs, 4x/8x DVD±RWs, DVD±R DLs which are starting to fill the market.

Both are very good, very expensive, very slow, and start with a P for Premium. I myself have some Pioneer drives and Plextor drives though.