To buy or not to buy: Sony DWD26AB

I know Sony DWD 26AB is a black liteon 1673. I can’t find any black Sony DWQ 28 nor Liteon 1693… If I flash the drive to 1693 will it be as good writer and reader as a genuine 1693 or not? I read some threads and it looks so but I want an advised opinion. :iagree:

Is it worth flashing it ??!! the only difference between both is the -R DL capabilities !!! Which means 2 media codes. Both firmwares are identical!!!

get a real liteon 1693s.

Well I saw latest firmware for 1693 improves writing quality, but I also saw somr 1673 modded into 1693 result in not so good writing quality, also in reading @16x speed. The main problem is I can’t find a real liteon 1693 for today, there is no one available around… but, well… I can wait for it. Thanx for replying.

where do you live?