To Buy or not to Buy a PX-716A?



If I got a Plextor 716A, what are the first things I would test to see if I got a lemon or not?



You should test dual layer discs as well when you compare different burners against each other. I’ve heard somewhere (on this board? :bigsmile: Dunno.) that the Benq doesn’t burn them that well.



Thanks for the updated info. I’ve been busy and missed that.

As for dual layer discs - I haven’t tried any of this media yet since I haven’t had a need too yet. That’s why forums like CDFreaks and quality review sites are critical to making intelligent (as possible) purchases!


I have both the 716 and 1620…
The Plextor burns the Verbatim DL @ 6X with excellent PI/PO values. On the other hand, my results with the 1620 have not been as good @ 4X, resulting in higher PI/PO values. Sorry, I didn’t save any of the Quaility Testing…


I have always liked Plextor; I’m still using an old PX-32TS SCSI CD-ROM, a PX-R412C SCSI CD-Writer, a PX-W1210S SCSI CD-Rewriter, and a PX-712 ATAPI DVD-Rewriter, and none of these have ever given me any problems.

However, the PX716 is a huge mistake, in my opinion.

For starters, it won’t read some software installation CDs (so I was highly fortunate to have access to a number of other units - none of which have any trouble reading these - or any other - discs); I actually have two PX-716 units, and they both have this problem. I upgraded the firmware on both drives from 1.04, through 1.05, 1.06, 1.07, up to 1.08 (the most recent version at this time), and after each upgrade, some existing problems were gone, but other ones got introduced. Neither of the units have ever really worked reliably.

Then, yesterday, one of the units broke down - it takes ages to recognise any disc, and even then, it won’t read the disc until after a huge number of retries (if at all - I have just had it spinning on a disc for ten minutes !!! after which I gave up, and ejected the disc); the other unit instantly recognises the disc - at least, for now.

Sorry, Plextor - I’m done with you. I’m going to dump the PX-716 units, and replace them with something else - something that works, and that isn’t so expensive. You will have a lot of convincing to do if you ever want to win me back as a customer.

I don’t mind paying a premium for decent stuff from a company that I trust, but once they betray my trust, they can go to hell.


both of mine still running just fine :bigsmile: (TLA 0101 and 0202 purchased in Nov and Dec 04 respectively)…no RMAs, no issues…


You are right. See 1620 DL Here and 1640 DL here. Plextor does a better job on DL. IMO.


At least something the Plextor is better at. :stuck_out_tongue: :clap:

Now all I need are affordable DVD+R DLs… :frowning:
The 4,7GB DVD+Rs are only interim solutions for me. :frowning:


Only try VERBATIM, RICOH and maybe some PHILIPS.




Well, apparently, some revisions are working great, while other revisions cause nothing but trouble. If you have a good one, then I think it must be a wonrdeful drive, but mine (both are TLA 03xx) are bad. In my opinion, this poor quality control is unforgivable of a company such as Plextor.


My 716A works good with quality media … but it can’t read blank media as well.

Am I missing something ?

Maybe some interesting satanic video messages on blank media that other burners can read ?



“can’t read blank media as well”…??? what’s there to read on blank media?


I’m sure the NEC3540 (only $41, y’know) can play the satanic video messages. But only if you play them backwards!

And it’s a known fact that when you play white-topped blank media backwards on the NEC3540 (for the low, low price of $41), you can clearly hear “Paul is dead”. :rolleyes:


You guys are a mess! LOL
Love my 716! But look at the prices for the 1640/1693/110D/3540 etc are going for. The 716 is not the best value at this time. If it goes down to $60 without rebate, grab one. The 8mb buffer and plextools are very nice features.


That’s the bottom line about the PX-716A.

  • I fear that my PX-716A is dying at the moment… :sad:
    Results are getting worse. I’ll have to open a thread about that soon, because I’m not sure about it all… A teaser: I have an interesting pattern in some scans, and it’s the same on CD-R and DVD+RW! :eek:


Hi :slight_smile:
For years I’ve sworn by Plextor, however recently I find myself in a position where I’m considering removing the 716 in my current system as it just doesn’t cut anymore.
Sure there’s still a few aspects that Plextor rocks. But those areas are of less importance to me nowadays.
Consider this 1 Plextor 716 = 2 BenQ 1640’s + 10 DVDRW’s
(Even if BenQ proves less reliable with 2 drives you still have a writer if you need to RMA one.)
The Plextor has long ceased to be the king ripper, in fact it can’t even read some discs that the BenQ will with ease.
AutoStrategy is all but dead.
Solid Burn whilst it’s early days looks a winner.


I’m wondering if new management or ownership took over at Plextor. Recent history is awash in tales of lesser quality products from cutting too many corners to squeeze an extra dime in profits that ultimately resulted in trashing the good company name and sales figures. Two companies that this happened to were Fender guitars, producing crappy guitars in the 80’s when CBS owned them for a short (thankfully) time, and Harley Davidson, which produced really crappy bikes when AMF owned them.

It seems like some of our 716A’s had all the design intelligence of the Ford Pinto exploding gas tank paired with the British electrical wiring engineering know-how and quality parts of the XXX (take your pick of MG’s, Jag’s, etc) and topped with the sexy come-on of an Edsel.

I love my current 716A… just like I did the last one before it croaked.

Just a thought or two.


Reading this thread is making that forty dollar NEC 3540A look better and better.



Me, too, I’ve sworn by Plextor for years, but no more. I’m not just considering removing the 716 - I’m going to just do it; I’m going to buy two new (non-Plextor!) drives this afternoon, and dump my two 716s. I had considered contacting Plextor, to ask if I could replace my drives for free, just to give them one last chance, but I’m fed up with them; plus, the problems seem to be so common, that I no longer believe that a replacement 716 would do me any good anyway.

I will never advise Plextor to anyone ever again - I’d feel guilty if I did!