To Buy or not to Buy a PX-716A?



I’ve always wanted a Plextor drive, but after reading the fourms there seems to be alot of ppl who don’t like their Plextor PX-716A, but usually happy ppl are pretty quite. I’d appericate it if you can leave any comments about the PX-716A.

PS. My Rig

P4 3.2c
Asus P4P-800 SE
1 gb OCZ EL
Sapphire x800 Pro 256mb
120Gb Segate IDE
80Gb Maxtor IDE
LG GCC-4521b


I have had one for at least four months now. TLA 0203 now with firmware 1.06. Since the release of firmware 1.04…there is NO drive that can beat the PX-716A. I recommend the drive highly. Good quality burns. Fast…and with the new firmware (1.06) you get the fastest DL burns to date…both DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL are 6X.



Agree with bobmitch :iagree:
In combination with quality media like TY you could get
excellent burns, I really think about to buy a second one! :wink:


it really all depends if the additional features/unrivaled control of the drive/plextools software/dual layer speed&quality is worth the premium to you. i’m a big fan of Plextor and both my 716s (0101 & 0202) have served me great over the last 4-5 months. i’m not going to say there haven’t been issues with this particular model but you’re spot on that those who are 100% satisfied with their drive(s) aren’t necessarily as visible as those who have had/are having issues. take a look at the other manufacturer sections and you’ll see a proportional amount of quality control/my drive isn’t working properly issues.

the price premium is justified for some, not for others…it’s a matter of usage, amount of control and utilization of one-of-a-kind features that is the deal maker/breaker.


At this point, I’d say the 716A is a bit hit’n’miss.

If you get a good one, you’ll be damned pleased you got it, but the problem is the 716A’s seems to have had some nasty QA issues.
If you don’t mind going through an RMA run if you get a dodgy one, I’d say go for it, otherwise you might wanna consider some other drives as well…

Alternatively, you could wait a bit and see whether the new hardware revisions are more robust :wink:


Buy one if you have access to appropriate media. Forget about it if you haven’t. If money matters, get a BenQ or a Pioneer. If quality matters, see above.


I would say it is a matter of price. If you can get it cheap enough (70-100$) then it is for you… but if it is more than twice the price of an LG, Benq, NEC or LiteOn I doubt anyone will be happy with one unit instead of two …


It’s not that its a bad drive. Most knowlegable people have not had any problems with the latest firmware. Hell my 716 doesn’t even care what media I use as far as cds go. I have had no coasters as of yet either. I think the majority of complaints stem from the fact that as it sits right now the 716 is a great drive, just not “Plextor” great. We paid a premium when we bought them and as such expect them to not be just good or just a little better than, we expect them to kick all other drives in the @ss. It will get their with subsequent firmware as it it has huge potential (adjustable lazer, oversized buffer and a whole lot more. I really feel that it is the best bet for a burner right now.


thanks for your feed back guys, well i work at a computer shop and my last drive was a LG 8x DVD-+r, and that drive was solid, from the input you guys gave me a good idea of the PX-716a. I have tired other dvd -+ r drives which are Pioneer (slow reads other then that a very solid drive), MSI and LG, their good drives, but there was always something with those drives that never really made me happy, but after reading the experences you guys had with your Plextor drives it seems to be a pretty postive one, and i wanna see how plex tools is, heard that program kicks ass

Thaks for your input guys, i’m gonna pick one up today. ^^


Hope you buy it somewhere you can easily exchange or return it. Like BB. I had to exchange mine 8 times! Imagine if I had ordered it or puchase some where that did not have a good policy in place or stocked well. Price of shipping RMA’s would have purchased another PX-716!


strange, i sen my drive to RMA once bcoz i was a dummy and i toght it was defective an no price of shipping was charged to me


Maybe I’m mistaken, but I thought you had to pay to have shipped to them and then sent it back to you at their cost. Still the time with any empty slot in my system would be driving me crazy.


lucky euros get to have them picked up…


Sorry for missing that part. If you get it there you should have no problems exchanging if needed. I see that the average exchange rate to get a good one is about 3.


I had mine for two weeks and started to have problems, so I took it back and ordered a PX-712A :slight_smile: i don’t need dual layer anyway.


I know that this is an old thread But Isn’t it amazing. Back in April the Plextor 716A really was a good drive. Now mine is relegated to an old PC with a BenQ 1640 being used most of the time or even BenQ1620’s on some machines. A DVD writers time in the limelight is getting shorter and shorter. Anyone know when the 1660 is being released ?


Stay way from the Plextor 716A!! I had nothing but trouble with it reading blank media. And yes I had the latest firmware for it. They over price and defected. Which you will find out after searching thru the forums. You might be one of the lucky ones to get a good working Plextor. I wasnt. :sad: I just replace that $130 Plextor 716A with a NEC 3540A burner for one that cost me only $41 plus $4 shipping from So far it recorded on every brand of blank dvd disc I put in. I could have bought 3 NEC 3540A burners for 1 Plextor. Type up NEC 3540A reveiw it your internet search engine or look for the reveiw on this site.


Cant wait to see your post within the next week or 9 months for now about your new Plextor 716A you going to buy. Like what doug81b4u said, you better buy it from a store in your town, for a easier return. :smiley:


I am in the process of comparing the Plextor 716A with the BenQ DW1640 using quality media like recommended Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim, as well as a few odds and ends media. So far, and I’m hardly halfway testing, it appears my drives both perform very well with good media, and equally as abysmal with crappy media (such as some on sale Taiwan Verbatim MCC media that errored out on both drives). Overall, disc quality scans are slightly better with the Plextor. The Plextor is able to overspeed burn media. The BenQ does not overspeed yet to my knowledge, but this may change with firmware updates. Regardless, to me, a slightly faster burn that has more errors, even if only small amounts, is not as important to me as a more precise burn though burned at a slower speed, since better burns are thought to improve longevity of the disc. My own findings point towards a very small improved burn with the Plextor, which I am sure some would not think significant.

The Plextor performed better audio cd burns at any speed compared to the BenQ. I am seeing a general trend with my media for CD data and DVD+R burns as well, but, I have not done enough testing nor closely examined the data yet, so we will see in due time. The BenQ, though, had more burn speed options for my Memorex Ultra Speed CD-RW 24X

Two other things I noticed was that, first, the BenQ burned a better quality disc (fewer errors on Nero Quality Disc scans) when environmental conditions were hot and humid (Maybe that “Air Flow Cooling System” and “Anti-Dust Cooling System” really works. Or maybe it’s the placement in my case that gives the edge to the BenQ.). Secondly, a video burned onto DVD+R with a horizontal distortion in the lower portion of the frame seen on playback on my Philips DVP642 was less noticable, sometimes not seen at all, on the disc burned in the Plextor when I rewound and played several times. This seems a little bizarre to me, but maybe the Plextor corrects or manages the “burning” error slightly better than the BenQ so that the Philips has an easier time managing the error itself.

Like I said before, the better burns by the Plextor were not gigantic compared to the BenQ. In fact, they are quite comparable overall. What may tip you to buy one over the other might be special features of one drive over the other (of little significance for my burning needs as the basics seem to be all I require), warranty period, software included, ability to burn media you have or will be able to purchase in the future (A huge factor for some since every drive has its likes and dislikes.), ability to overspeed burns, media read/write speeds, hacked firmware or tools availability, and of course COST. Since both manufacturer’s support their drive’s with frequent firmware updates, you can be assured of a long lived drive no matter what you get.

So, if you are looking for more control over your burns with an expanded feature set (such as overspeeding, Gigarec, etc), high quality burns, a manufacturer that leads the way in innovation (some would disagree, especially the fact that reaching 16X on DVD burns is not universal), and a great warranty and RMA procedure if you live in Europe, then the Plextor 716A is for you.

If, on the other hand, you do not require all the whistles and bells, still want comparable rock-solid quality burns (at least by my testing so far) and want to spend only 25-40% of the cost of the Plextor, then get the BenQ DW1640.

As to defective/malfunctioning drives - a LOT of griping goes on in the forums, all anecdotal. My current Plextor is my third. The RMA procedure was quick and painless, and, tech support was very good to excellent. I have read threads about BenQ malfunctions as well. Who has more problems is debatable since noone here knows the actual statistics, yet it seems that Plextor prematurely ejaculated with the release of the earlier 716A’s (a lot of reports of bad or poorly performing drives compared to other forums), though now they seem to have their ducats in a row. I have no experience with BenQ tech support or RMA’ing yet, but I have only had the drive for a week or so. Time will tell if the BenQ will last longer than the Plextor - historically the Plextors have been tanks. I encourage you to read the other forums on CDFreaks to get a better feel.

Bottom line: If you get a properly working drive, you will be happy with either drive. Just like life, plan for the worst and hope for the best.


The BenQ does not overspeed yet to my knowledge, but this may change with firmware updates.

It already has changed with the latest BSKB firmware and QSUITE 2.0. The 1640 can now overspeed by using the latest firmware and QSUITE 2.0. For the price of a Plextor 716A, you can buy 2 BENQ 1640 drives. :stuck_out_tongue: